Wednesday’s Workout

I stepped on the scale this morning and decided that between Christmas and the Super Bowl I have indulged myself a little bit too much in the past couple of months. My wife is an excellent cook and she likes to bake which is my biggest downfall. I started noticing the pants were a little tighter than normal and therefore, I need to increase my workout. While I walk a couple of miles every morning, I tend to do very little in the garage lately which provides more time to hit the cupboard. I plan to increase my activity and see if I can shed a few pounds for the approaching beach season.

I find that activity keeps the body and mind in motion which also provides satisfaction for the soul. Sitting at my keyboard does nothing for my body but a great deal for my mind. For example, I have been working on restoring (modifying) some Deuce cross members. I haven’t used stock cross members for many years and needed a refresher course on how to best accomplish the task. I rely on the HAMB for a lot of fabrication data and past articles from many of the members. The problem is I can blow a couple of hours each morning and evening reading the material. (I need something to eat while doing this.) My blog also takes a couple of hours each evening so I must change my routine to keep more active during the day and night time. In the past, I used to have dinner and then go out in the garage and work on my projects until 10 or so, now I take my medicine and go to bed by 9:00 pm. I guess the routine has become too comfortable. I hope none of you have this problem.

On another subject, one of our Roadster Boys is moving to Phoenix and we will have a farewell breakfast run Saturday morning to bid him farewell. Don is in his 80’s and is moving closer to his family. I know the Phoenix area is full of roadsters and I hope he finds another “Office” to visit. Meeting new people is easy when you drive a red roadster so be on the lookout for him.

I don’t have a lot of new photos but here are a few for this Wonderful Wednesday.

Stay Tooned!


Turlock had some nice cars for sale and this Deuce Woody was one of them. The seating is a little tight but I love them.

The Kansas Kid sent in some photos of his fleet. Choosing which one to drive becomes a problem when you have more than one car. I should have that problem. Nice cars and thanks for the photos.

Dave in MO can build some nice customs and hot rods. He is putting the finishing touches on this taildragger 36 which features a mildly chopped top and several custom features.

This photo shows the long rear deck of the 36 including the spare tire which is not often seen today.

The side profile really exemplifies the tail dragging stance of the custom. Real Appleton’s really look good and bring back memories. The interior is next.

How about a nice 5 window for the coming summer months? Note the neat hood treatment. Maybe a slight haircut would be in order but it sure looks good to me as it sits.

Some folks are still finding them. This one looks interesting and will soon become a driver.

The Rolling Bones has some really nice hot rods under construction in their shop. This 33 has the look.

A little fuzzy, but you get the picture. The SO Dakota Kid will have this one at the LARS in June. HAMB photo.

Rich has his 40 truck on the road and will add some stripes and door graphics to complete the beautiful hauler. I love the color. CW where is yours?

 Pewsplace Workout Items!

A Deuce axle that has been polished to perfection by Harv. Lots of work to make them look like this. The drop is perfect.

I thought I would save some workout time by buying these hangers but they are only for a 40 spring and extend too far back. I need them with a 5″ center for a stock 32/34 spring.


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