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Progress makes most people feel good. I am one of those people who like to look back over each day and see what I accomplished. The mind is too valuable to waste. Some days are wasted on dreaming but my intentions are good. Other days are more than you could ask for. Yesterday was one of them. After Toppers Tuesday, I came home and worked on the spring hangers for the sedan. Everything went well and by 5:00 pm one side was done. I could have purchased these but I could not find any with the offset I needed for my project. The A spring will protrude up through the rear floor behind the seat. It is important that it does not interfere with the seat area as I am using a stock rear seat with new springs. I recorded the day with my camera for you to see.

Don had his new roadster wheels installed so I shot a couple of pictures of his car. Don is the only one who drives his car daily. Bobo has too many cars to drive only one a day. I on the other hand have only driveway cars.

More record breaking weather this week so I may get something done in the garage/pool…

Stay Tooned!


Don is a regular at Toppers. The top helps keep the heat off your delicate skin.


Here is the pattern for the rear hangers. I used 3/8 plate, 4 x 12 cold rolled steel from IMS. Five dollars for all materials. I also picked up some 1 inch DOM tubing and reamed them to 3/4 i.d.. The shackles fit perfect by reaming the tubing. The tubing on the left is an actual 40 axle tubing that I used as a guide for the hole. Tapered housing is not a problem.


I have been cutting with a torch for 40 years but today I could have used a Plasma cutter. Drag was present due to oxygen pressure being too low. The second one went better. I use a piece of angle iron to keep the cuts straight and the tip at the right height.


After a little trimming on the Burr King here is what the final product looks like.


I made a gusset for the lateral movement of the spring. I used 1/4 CR plate and added a few holes. I like holes.


Rear view showing hanger eye. I will square them up and tack them on the housing once I finalize both sides with the spring. Total cost was about $8. I always use the Artist Corner at IMS.


Here is the next project. Shock brackets for the rear which can be used for stock of coil overs if the spring doesn’t work out.


Here is another Phaeton hiboy I forget to include in my Phaeton blog. Cheap on epay. $12K

Today’s rides…Dreaming


Current favorite SO-CAL hiboy. Kevin is a super nice guy and answered all my stupid questions and even let me sit in the car. Now for the extra $225K that I need to have Pete build me one of these. I would only change the motor to a Chevy.


JJ’s delivery. This was one of the first deliveries I saw. Jerry drove this one for a few years before moving to the West Coast.

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