Wednesday’s Work and Woodies

The wife and I spent this afternoon securing the parts for Andre that we had stored away in the overhead garage for a couple of years. It is amazing how your mind forgets what you have stored in inventory. I found items I had removed from my mind and couldn’t find items I knew I had stored in the machine shop. Jane suggested I make an inventory list so I can remember better. She is much younger than me but her time is coming. I have Donnie coming over tomorrow to assemble some of the parts that need to be completed prior to shipping. He is an expert mechanic and works fast. The good news is I finally located all the parts that came with Andre when I purchased him a few years ago. The new grille and bumpers were stored in our master bedroom closet under my old work suits which I never wear. I hope to have the car ready to go by Friday.

Project sedan has been put aside for now in order to work on Andre but hopefully after the LARS I can finish the plan. I want to thank all of you who provided input and some positive leads to the parts required. I am sure the LARS will bring the few remaining items. I also want to apologize for not responding to some of your emails which ended up in my Junk mail box. I never look at Junk box but I will from now on. I only went there as I sold the Deuce sedan floor to a fellow in Idaho who said he sent me emails but I didn’t receive them. I will check my settings to allow all comments to be read. I don’t receive much Junk mail as MAC’s seem to be free of virus’s and other annoying problems a PC encounters. I thank my son for guiding me in the right direction a few years ago.

Finally, today at Toppers, we talked about updating your hot rod to comply with today’s technology and personal demands. You no longer can get by without a USB port for your smartphone or your iPod/mp3 apparatus or most importantly, cup holders. Yes, the new car manufactures have spoiled us and we need at least two cup holders in our hot rods. Your smartphone can play music, provide directions and be a valuable tool on a trip when your are lost, hungry or need gas. Text or email your buddies to let them know you are broke down and they need to turn around and help you. In other words… “Don’t leave home without it.” Pepe has been updated to do all of the above and even can play Sirius/XM on my new app. I love this stuff.

Time to go to work!

Stay Tooned!


Jerry has owned some fantastic cars in the past and this is his new woody which is high on my list. He took it for a spin and stopped for some 30 cent gas at this restored Shell station. Super photo, Jerry!

I found these doors and enough wood to make two complete sets. All I need now is the cowl and floorpan.

Way up in Nova Scotia, Bob located a very complete 40 wagon that he sold to a friend who is restoring it. The wood on this one was all usable and in good shape.

Yes, you have to repair some of the rusty floorpans but the end result is worth it. Forties are notorious for rusting where the body mount bolts to the frame. Time consuming but not difficult if you can weld and measure.

Mel’s 40 pickup got lost in my Junk Mail but I am glad I found it. This is a very yellow 40 pickup with a Nailhead and lots of detail.

Mel’s hard work shows up in this photo. The Buick seems to fit in the compartment without major cutting.

He also added the 40 Deluxe dash to his truck. (The stock dash must be cut out and this one welded in place.) The passenger car column adds the shifter and cleans up the floor.


You can’t just own one forty and Mel follows the rules with this black 40 coupe.

Mr. Bob has painted his floors and added a Deuce grille shell ceiling to his marvelous garage. These are two of my favorite rides he owns. He has me on the list for the sedan.

Reader’s Rides!

Another one from my Junk box is a long time friend Henry Dana’s new 32 pickup truck. He is planning on driving the truck to P-Town this summer. We truckers will hook up for sure. Is color going to be Dana Red? His garage floor looks like he waxes it.

Henry has been building cars that make a difference for many years. He can carry lots of luggage in the bed of this hiboy. A tonneau cover would look nice and keep out the elements.


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