Wednesday’s Work

The morning started early with the wife wanting to get the rear doors repaired and painted before her sister comes. Now this is not what I had planned for today. I had planned on taking the doors to the stripper and stopping by Freds again. That did not happend and after a full day of working on house doors I am sitting down to write today’s blog at 7:30 pm. Somehow the doors challenged my skills in wood working (nill) to the point I went to the lumber yard for some pointers. They thought I should stick to building cars. I did a good job but the not the best of removing the rot and found that bondo works good on wood. Tomorrow I will finish and paint prior to hanging the door back on the frame.

I have a few new photos for you tonight and I have some people who called and actually are interested in the roadster so…

Stay Tooned!

Lynn…the door man.

Tim has his new coupe home for the final build. He has a system that really works for completing 40 coupes in record time. I can’t wait to see this one finished.

I am not sure what he is planning for the overall look but so far I like this one. Folkstone Gray is Bob’s new 50 gallon drum paint source.

I featured this 33 tudor a few weeks ago and Dave sent me some interior details that maybe you can use. This is a 42-48 Ford heater that has been converted to the A/C controls. He is using a Gen11 mini and it does the job on hot days. Nice touch.

The lower door reveals the Vintage Air controls when opened. Walt has his radio in one of these heater shells. Old heaters are being used more and more today.

The upper doors conceals the A/C vents when opened. Note wheel vents.

The driver is not forgotten. When you go down the road this fold down unit blows the chilly air on your hot body. I like it.

Banana Dick has all the money but still has a hard time getting into his Gull Wing. You should see this beauty. I don’t think I could afford the fitted luggage but I would sure like a ride someday.

Frantic and Chuck did a great job on this black plate CA convertible. I wish this one was in my garage.

Ed is enjoying my dream hiboy roadster built by SO-CAL a few years ago. The owner was kind enough to let me sit in the car as he is a big boy and fits in the car thanks to the SO-CAL seat design of Pete’s. This Lombard Blue beauty is the still the one to beat in my mind.

Today’s many door sedan…dreaming!

I mentioned 4 doors a few days ago and this one was built by Chuck and the Kennedy Boys. Note slight chop and stock looking colors.

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