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The 1940 Ford dash has been the standard with hot rodders for a long time. The dash lends itself to use in just about any old Ford. I prefer the stock look but appreciate the modifications that owners make to satisfy their requirements. I try to take photos of the different dashes and have many variations to show you today. I also prefer the stock column or at least a small diameter one. If you use a large diameter column you need to fill the shift rod depression in the stock dash.

I tried installing an F 100 column from a 1956 Ford pickup this weekend and found I need to make an adapter to satisfy my requirements. I am not sure I like it but I have installed a couple of them in previous cars and liked them for the shift indicator and turn signals. The column fits the dash and drop perfectly so I will play with it this week and probably end up using the stock 40 unit.

Have a great week and …

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Here is a shot of a stock F 100 column with no spacer between wheel and column to hide gap.


Another F 100 column with spacer to hide gap. All you need is a 1/2 ” tapered spacer from aluminum and you have a good look.


This photo shows the beautiful stock 40 dash in the correct colors and appointments. It is hard to beat this look


Orville has the stock standard dash with a late column and 40 wheel. This looks good in this car with AC, MII, etc.


Modern dash with Chevy insert and woodgrained dash is another different approach to take.


Partial woodgraining looks good on this modern car. Note the two gauges rather than the stock 5 gauge panel.


Multiple gauge panels were popular in the 80’s and were available from several sources including Boyd.


Tom’s stock 40 dash in the process of being completed. Lots of work going on in this photo. $$$!


Prolific 40 builder has a very nice dash in his little coupe. Note instrument panel from Classic.

Today’s Ride…dreaming!


My friend George’s General Jumbo wheel, real deal roadster with flathead and genuine metal. Very nice ride.

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