Wednesday’s Work

Work is still progressing on Andre. I cut out the shock brackets, steering bracket and installed the steering column. I need for my hand to get better before I can shape the parts on my belt sander. Old age takes it toll on your hands when you have arthritis. I know, still complaining but it is impossible to hold the parts when you have the pain. I did do a lot of dreaming but not much work.

I may go to Del Mar Friday to look at some cars. I think the car market is coming back and I presume their will be lots of nice cars for sale at the event. Several people I know are attending to see what is available for a good price. I don’t think prices will be down for a quality car.

Bob has picked up another cherry pie 40 coupe. He seems to find them and build them in record time. This one will be Cloud Mist Grey and very traditional…

Stay Tooned!



This famous car was just visiting the Folsom prison. You don’t want to get too close because you are a hot rodder.


Bob has Steve’s coupe home and has started to work on this cherry little 40.


The rear view shows how nice the deck lid fits. Deck lids are very hard to fit if the car has been hit in the rear. Right Bob!


Bob has the car in his shop and I will be reporting his progress. He does excellent work and quick.


I worked on the steering bracket today. This photo shows the steering mount moved to the outside for improved clearance.


The mount will be very strong and low down on the frame. This is the rough form and will be final shaped before welding.


I like the 40 column and see no reason to change it. I mounted it in the car to see where it needs to be shortened and marked the area with blue tape.


The dash column mount needed to be re-tapped in order to have a fresh set of threads to install to the dash.


Tough to see but the mount fits in the confined space real nice. I hope the manifolds will clear.
Rule number one ….never weld anything until everything is mocked up.

Today’s Pickup…dreaming!


Pete built one of the best 1940 Ford pickups around. All of his cars are top notch.

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