Wednesday’s Work

I am making some great progress on Andre. I seem to be very motivated to get this car running. I usually concentrate on all the little details instead of making it driveable. This time I am going to see if I can install the drivetrain first.

The header fit on the drivers side is always a tight fit in a 40 Ford so I tried a set of headers I had in stock. The passenger side is excellent but the drivers side is too tight around the steering. I think Sanderson makes a set to fit my car but I plan to use rams horns. I do not have any at the moment but my buddy Chip called and offered a drivers side rams horn I could use and a source for the ones I am looking for. It was getting late and I still had not totally removed the steering bracket. The bracket is spot welded and it somewhat stubborn to remove. I finally got the job done and can now fabricate the new bracket. I may purchase the bracket if TCI has one in stock.

I also worked on the rear spring hangers and installing the brackets. I had started them yesterday but never finished the job. I visited Bob this morning and looked at his installation in his 40 coupe. The TCI unit is sure simple and othe than having to use lowering blocks sure seems the way to go. I put that decision off until tomorrow when I head to TCI to purchase some new springs.

Stay Tooned!



I need inspiration so I looked at this former “Barn Find” from LA being built into a nice hiboy at Roy’s. I think it started out as a full fendered model. I can’t wait for his open house Mothers Day weekend. A must attend for me.


I still like the 46-48 sedan deliveries. This beauty is from Ohio and was featured in the now gone American Rodder a few years ago. Nice ride for the long hauls.


Here is the drivers side exhaust header. Note how close the steering mount is to the header pipe extension.


Here is the steering mount from Andre. Spot weld was tough to break loose. A bigger pry bar worked well.


Gary has the idea I like the most. I want to use the ram horns on both sides with the dark gray paint. Looks good to me. I am copying the valve covers.


Gene, my fellow GM retiree, is building a nice 40 tudor sedan. He is using a Posie rear kit which also has the rear hanger mounted through the frame. No lowering blocks are required with the set up. Front mount is adjustable for the slammed look.


I have marked mine to drill but will still think about the TCI unit. I guess lowering blocks don’t hurt anything.


The front TCI hanger mounts to the frame rail as shown and is not adjustable like Posies. I like the design and simplicity of the bracket.


One of the nicest you will ever see. These beauties command big bucks in today’s market. Nice picture Rich.

Today’s Model A…his high school ride.


Bob O is building his old hs ride. The motor is out of Andre with Edlebrock heads and a Thickston manifold. More tomorrow.

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