Wednesday’s Work

The gates have taken most of my time the last two days. I have been to IMS twice and did not stop at Frantic’s which tells you I am busy. I did not make Toppers yesterday and I am sure I missed the latest BS. I misplaced my cell phone which has put me out of touch. My wife is happy as I am getting lots of “chores” completed. I have very little to report tonight other than there is a nice 1940 tudor sedan on ebay for sale that I am going to look at on Friday or Saturday. I sure can waste time but I enjoy the chase. There is also a real nice Deuce Hiboy sedan that has been for sale for several months that is probably a nice car but somewhat pricey for my budget. I may try to look at it also.

Stay Tooned!



Here is my friend Geroge who is always smiling. His little red 3 window is one of the best. He is a great craftsman and can make anything.


Frantic’s wife Lu drives this nice 56 two door wagon to work everyday. Long Beach Swap Meet find a few years ago. Nice ride for the boss.


Steve found this on JJ but I want it. Perfect hot rod for old farts like me and Steve. I think it sold real quick for about $39K.
I will find one this year.


Profile shows a great looking hot rod ready for the Roundup.

Today’s 40 sedan…dreaming.


A four door may be cool right… Gary H! This one was at Roy’s open house last year.

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