Wednesday’s Work

I left early to pick up some metal at IMS. I was lucky as the rain had stopped and traffic was light. I found what I needed and thought I would stop by Frantic’s and see what he was up to. Fred is working on mostly Chevrolets these days so I am learning to like the early models (1950-57). I spent some time looking at his work and admiring his craftsmanship. I asked his opinion on split wishbones and he hasn’t done a set for over 20 years. It seems he mostly installs IFS on all of the cars brought in for and update. I guess I am really behind the times. He thinks I should reconsider installing a dropped axle with my bad back and all. I headed home as the rain started again. I made one last stop at Orme Brothers to pickup the rear brake hoses for the roadster. I need to get going on that project. Maybe this weekend.

Once home I started working on the split wishbone set up for Andre. I can’t decide whether to use tie rod ends or P&J 3/4 x 16 rod ends with through bolt supports. I have always used the P&J parts and they never failed so I will probably use them again. They offer a little cleaner look and I know they work.

I also finished the motor mount supports and tacked them together. I am on the roll … so…

Stay Tooned!



Here are my choices for the wishbones. I am using a single bracket but will add one more on each side to have a through bolt design for greater shear strength.


The tie rod is very nice looking and offers articulation to move with the axle and spring.


Typical P&J rod end (5/8 x 18) would probably be strong enough but I will use 3/4 x 16 to add the safety factor for the heavy delivery.


The motor mount is now ready for the final welding. I will wait until the motor is setting in frame to final weld mounts.


Orme Brothers made up these black covered stainless brake lines for the rear of Lucy (my roadster).


I like hot rods and this sedan make the statement loud and clear.


Cyclone Kevin has a real nice hiboy. Picture could have been in 1950 except for the 4 bar. Yes, they had hidden hinges in the 40’s and 50’s. Eastwood chassis.


Here is my sedan in 1987. Note how cherry the body was. Perfect gas welded chop (3 inches) and never any rust in the car. The frame came out from under my three window I sold to Boyd.

Today’s Ride!…dreaming!


This is a rare picture of Doane’s car with the top installed. I always liked the top. Steve Davis made one for Morrison in the 80’s.

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