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Winding down from the summer months of car shows and road trips will provide some additional time in the garage. I am sure most of you have plans for the winter months to make some needed changes or upgrades. The problem is finding time to do the job. I find the best method is to purchase all the parts required up front and have everything ready prior to taking the car down. I have been known to have a car down for some simple repair for several months. I am not sure why I am good at tearing them apart and slow putting them back together — but that scenario seems to fit most of us. I took my door off and started to do some work and had to put it back on to drive it last week. Cleaning the engine has taken me several days and it still needs work. No more aluminum or chrome parts for my engines…too much cleaning required. I am not complaining but maintaing a clean car is important to me and the less polish the easier they are to keep clean.

Keeping the undercarriage clean is almost impossible if you drive them often. Road grime just seems to hang on u-joints, or anything that rotates such as inside wheels and disc rotors. I put the car on a rack and clean it about every 6 months and it is really dirty by then. We don’t have rain just a lot of grease on the roads. Perhaps I should drive the car less but what fun would that be. I am going to be 75 in a couple of months and would like to continue to drive a Hot Rod for a few more years. If I had a hiboy it would be easier to clean the without fenders but the that’s another story for another day.

Thought for today — Don’t buy Halloween candy earlier it will be gone by Saturday!

Stay Tooned!




When people come to visit LA they like to see the Pacific. These two stopped for quick photo shoot and a breath of that wonderful surf pounding against the sane.

breakfast tour #2 004

The stop on the way to breakfast in front of the California Aqueduct to see if any more water has come down from the mountains. Dick is looking for something or can’t get out of the roadster.


Driving these old Fords in the mountains can cause some problems but they always seem to survive.


Some folks just love 40 Woodies and have several under way. Where’s the wood Bob?


I don’t see many chopped 5-window Model – 40’s but when I do, I always take a good look.


The QC peeking out from under the rear indicates a nice power plant up front.


Now this is a perfect pair to have in your driveway. Neighbors that you don’t know stop and want to take a look.


Barry had the touch on whatever he built. This sedan delivery with back door by Paul was one of my favorites.


Moal built for Dennis, this 33 was a long time coming but turned out magnificent. Motor is a killer big block.


While we are talking 33’s, I like this subtle sample of a hiboy from FL.


The shoebox woodies are real popular and not quite so expensive to have the wood replaced.


The lighter pastel shades have been popular on woodies for the past few years and Don has built some of the best on the West coast.


Roy knows 40’s as shown here at the GG’s show. The color is what makes this pickup special along with the Brizio touch.

Today’s Photo


Note the two youngsters watching the older boys work on the Hot Rod. I can just imagine their thoughts — “I am going to have one of these someday!” The engine sling is priceless!

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