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I have been working the last several days on the chassis, building motor mounts, boxing plates and center X-member. The heat is a factor but I still managed to accomplished my list. My trip to IMS turned out good as they had the boxing plate metal in the remnant bins which meant I didn’t have to have it cut to haul home. The rear boxing plates take a 10″ sheet to make a one piece plate. The motor mounts came out nice but locating the correct rubber biscuits has been a challenge. Back order Bob has not had the proper ones in stock for over a year and will not have any for a long time. I am looking for the ones he has in his catalog with the metal bands and correct bolts. So far, no luck!

I stopped by Frantic’s and he was real busy with lots of cars and trucks being worked on in the 100° heat. The fans were blowing full blast but the sweat was pouring off the workers. He showed me the correct rubber biscuits I need but didn’t have any in stock. He was finishing up a very nice CMG 40 coupe that he had just updated with a C-4, 9″ and A/C. He seems to keep busy during this time of year. With the season approaching the end, people start to think about having him do some upgrades to their rides. I am thinking the same and took off my rear door today to take back to Scott for a re-do! I don’t plan on any driving events for another month so he should be able to repair it for me in that amount of time.

For those of you who have a car listed on Pewsplace, I want to let you know that if you have sold it, please let me know so I can remove the listing. I will be removing all current listings on October 1, 2015 as I am redoing my site. I would highly recommend Spuds Garage for a larger audience.

Stay Tooned!




As much as I like fenderless cars, this full fendered 33 is just about perfect in my mind. It is an older build that I have seen in the past and it works for me. You don’t see many model 40’s at events today, even at the LARS they are scarce. I like would have to lower the top a few inches but that’s it.


Ray had Lucy out for a drive and she is looking good. He hasn’t had the top off but it does just lift off with the removal of 4 bolts. I plan to make an aluminum lift off for the next one.


Here is another 34 with fenders and primer that would look good in my garage. I like them chopped a few inches.


Michael Douglas is a model 40 lover also and is shown here with his 33 sedan. Looks like Washington Blue with Black fenders.


Seldom seen at today’s shows is the 37 Phaeton like this beauty. My college buddy Chip has his stored away which he has owned since he was 16.


Cory (L) and Billy chopped his 5-window to give it that Hot Rod look. I think Cory fits O.K. but Billy may be a tad bit “too tall!” These two young guns have made a name for themselves in the Hot Rod world. They are very talented builders in today’s limelight chasing their dreams.


Lou likes the fact that the 40 coupes are leaving the big Caddy in their dust.


The Cheese Grater has been around for a long time and I first saw it at P-Town. I am not sure where it is today.


It is hard to beat a stock looking Deuce sedan when they look like this one. I think I know the owner!!


Moal offers some nice cast hairpin end covers that look racy.


Gary put this wonderful picture of three legends in my time and their dogs on FB. Gary has a new Whitewall II he is training to ride in the roadster.


My background is selling GMC/Chevy trucks and the above style was so popular we couldn’t keep them in stock. Boyd was the master of his craft.

Today’s Deuce Photo!


Sometimes you best leave the Deuce parts where they are. This big boy looks “Nasty!”

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  1. I would have killed for one of those Boyd trucks when I was in high school. Boyd did a suburban for my Dad in the early 90’s, but the trucks were always my favorite.

  2. That snake around my Deuce is just one of the many “carpet snakes” that live in and around my home….sorta harmless,……you get used to snakes in Australia……

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