Wednesday’s Work

The clock is ticking away so I have been busy getting Pepe all spruced up for the show. Bob-O and I drove the delivery down to Scott’s to have the door examined and left with no door. I sure hope I get it back in time for the show. Today, I took off the front chin which has been abused long enough. I proceed to hammer out all the dents and have it looking good. A thin coat of bondo and it will be as good as new. The job took me about two hours plus it still has to be painted – that’s tomorrows task. I will wax the body while waiting on the door and that is all that is needed prior to the show. I have never been a show car guy but I always like to look good if possible.

We have reached our quota of 40 – 1940 Fords for the 40 is 75 display and Roy and I are glad that task if finished. I know we will have some no-shows but I have some backups if required. Some of the selected cars are coming from the East coast so anything is possible weather wise. While not as significant as the Deuce show, the 1940 Ford is still at the top of the list for many old hot rodders like me. Be sure not to miss this exciting and important display of Forties.

Steve and I have been planning our first Flamed Forties Tour to Santa Barbara for lunch at the Boathouse and a close-up look at a private collection. January is a little cold and rainy so we will get started next month. We had planned this joint cruise with the Central Coast Roadsters previously but we had to cancel – so hopefully we can make it good in 2015.

We had a nice conversation at Toppers Pizza today about our early days in the 50’s building customs and drag racing. Dave brought along his portfolio of photos from our high school days in Decatur, IL. Some times it is nice to reminisce about the good old days and today was one of them. Times were simpler, stress was non-existence and pretty girls/cars were on every corner…I know you remember your youth also…don’t you!

Stay Tooned!


We need to have some fun driving our cars in 2015!


I would love to go on a Reliability Run this year. This is the top of the line for me and some of my roadster friends.

1932 ford hiboy tom's 011 (4)

A full leather interior with an original Auburn panel and gauges.


I love the maroon paint and bias tires and with a nice H&H flathead it goes down the road with ease.


My friend has a perfect Reliability Run roadster that has some race history and is immaculate. One of the original Henry roadsters that was brought back to life.

photo 1

Dave is building a little more aggressive roadster for cruising the TX highways. Tom is working full time on the roadster and now has the body mounted. That is Tom’s 57 Speedster in the background.

photo 4

Dave is a drag racer so he needs H.P. and lots of it to keep him happy. Tom knows how to make them run fast and strong. Moal’s torsion bar suspension is employed as the front suspension.

photo 2

You don’t need to see just hold on and keep in a straight line. The body is now mounted and will be shown in a day or two when I receive the photos.


I think they should allow coupes like this to go on the RR but roadsters only is the rule of the PRC.


I would like to go back to my youth in Decatur and race a nice sedan like this one. Eastwood would give him a run for his money.


Dave and I grew up with Mandy Holder’s Barris built (sorta) 51 Mercury. He was 10 years older than us and we used to visit his shop in Springfield, IL in the 50’s. He passed at a young age and the car was sold and stolen. The car was never recovered as far as I know.


Frank, the poor man’s friend, has had a plethora of hot rods over the years. I always liked this chopped hiboy. It sure reminded me of what I wanted when I was in high school.

Pepe’s Chin Improvement


The famous 40 chin that always gets banged on low cars. This one had been just covered with about 3/8″ of bondo rather than metal finished. You don’t see the bottom but I can’t live with work like that.


I spent about and hour with a hammer and dolly and got it pretty smooth and the correct shape. I will weld up the small hole and give it a thin coat of mud and the chin will be as good as new.


I test fit it after my work and it fit perfect. I will paint it tomorrow and let it dry for a day or two before reinstalling in the car. Bob thinks they should make these out of a composite material that gives when you hit a bump. Bob Drake are you listening?


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