Wednesday’s Work

I know most of you who do your own work have encountered the antenna holes usually present on old Fords. Andre was no exception with two holes drilled on the passenger cowl. I thought about leaving the antenna but decided to go modern with the roof mounted standard on the 40’s. I sanded the areas and made some plugs out of 18 gauge sheet metal. I filed them to fit perfect so I will need minimum filler rod. I am a decent welder, but TIG welding on the flat cowl panels can be tricky. I will practice on some scraps to make sure I have the right amperage setting. Tomorrow, I will make the tail light patches which will be harder as they need a curvature put in the flat metal. I use a large diameter piece of tubing to form the radius on the patch. I don’t have all the required tools but get by with my ingenuity. Wish me luck.

I have not given up on the convertible deal but it has suffered a set back in the past few days. I will keep you informed. Here is the set back.


Janes new Terrain.

Stay Tooned!



I found this sample of the Moly Orange 327 engine that is up for consideration for my current red engine. I am not an orange fan but this looks good with a lot of exterior colors.


Here is one of the holes in the cowl of Andre. I made a patch to press fit into the hole.


A small patch was made out of 18 gauge sheet metal. I use Blue Dykem for the surface as it is easy to scribe the inner hole.


These two holes took about and hour of hand filing to make fit perfect for welding. Tiki at Steve Davis Race Cars taught me to take your time and make the patch gap free so you don’t need too much heat to fuse.


Here is Frank with his best in the building trophy at this years GNRS. Smile Frank the girls are looking.


This little sedan has a two inch chop and a sinister look. Boyd had a hand in this one years ago. I don’t know who owns it now. Note door handles.


The model A receives very little attention on my site but they make very nice cars. Here is a real nice delivery from Orange County.


Someone sent me this convert from back East. Looks very cool just hanging out behind the scenes.

Today’s roadster…dreaming.


Here is a real nice hiboy with the SO-CAL windshield and chassis.

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