Wednesday’s Work

Since I don’t have a project to work on, I decided to finish my 1965 Corvette, 327 – 350hp project. I have had the engine on my stand for about 6 months and decided to finish the final assembly. I passed on purchasing the mega buck original pan and timing chain cover and opted for the reproductions from Milodon. Our local speed shop has all the parts and I started to prep them for some Chevrolet Orange paint. I had a couple of brands (VHT & Plastic-Coat) so I tested the color and found I prefer the more Orange shade of the VHT. The new parts were sprayed and I started to work on cleaning the original steel Chevrolet valve covers that I had in stock. I like the looks of these simple covers especially when painted Orange. I don’t have a bead blaster so I spent the better part of an afternoon sanding, taking out dents and overall straightening of the gasket rails. If were charging myself by the hour I would be broke just on the valve covers alone. I finally have them paint ready and couldn’t decide if I should prime them first or just spray the color. I called Gary and he said always prime first on bare metal. I will have to purchase some primer that is compatible with the VHT tomorrow and I should be ready to assemble the heads and remaining bolt on items on Friday. I am not sure what to do with the engine but I am sure I can find something to put it in.

The week is looking good weather wise so maybe I can put a coat of wax on Pepe while he is resting in the garage. Black is a hard color to keep up but nothing looks better when straight and shiny.

“Keep focused and show me what you have done not what you are going to do.” (A GM chairman’s favorite quote.)

Stay Tooned!


Gary chose the black and white combo for his woody wagon which blends nicely with the Anthracite Gray engine color. The black air cleaner is a nice touch.

Dave can make them beautiful. I am using this as my inspiration for my project. I wonder if this is a rattle can job….Ha! Lots of prep work and primer on this one.

This sedan has the look with the Camel Hump Heads and the Ram Horns. I like it.

A couple of Marini’s Deuces at Deuce Days this past weekend. Roy can build Deuces.

From the HAMB this sedan really looks great and sits right for a nice driver – Nice photography from Greenberg.

Some more nice Deuces from the HAMB “suitable for framing” post. Lots of Deuces in one spot.

A rare Chevy ragtop showed up at the Town Center and was a big hit with the crowd. Conejo Upholstery did their usual fine job on the interior and top.

I had not seen this woody prior to the show. It was fresh and looked wonderful to my wife.

A stock 39 convert with a hot flathead engine was also high on my wife’s list of cars she liked at the Town Center.

The owner has dressed up the convert with your typical hot rod parts and the motor sounded good as he was leaving.

She liked this one the best due to the color and interior coordination. Frantic built this one a long time ago.

Show me what you have done Day!

Duane is making progress on his Deuce 3 window. He will soon be driving it down the road. I love the stance.

The Coke can shows the lowness of the front end. Halibrands are hard to beat on a coupe like this.

He made a unique steering wheel out of an early Corvette and 38 Ford blended together. No small task.

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