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Toppers was overcrowded today with lots of people driving their Hot Rods. Parking was at a premium and I had to park next to the dumpster. Pepe wasn’t happy but he survived the lunch hour. The conversation ran from the $150,000 Deuce sedan that has been relisted on ebay to Bob-O’s hunt for some model A front u-bolts for his coupe. It seems everyone has something left in their garage that someone else needs. Networking is the secret to scrounging old Ford parts. I am thinning out my surplus parts that I will never use. I listed several parts on Fordbarn and have had numerous responses. The problem with selling parts online is the shipping expense going to the east coast can be costly, especially for something like a Deuce floor. The big bulky items are hard to wrap and costly to ship. I offered pickup at the LARS which one fellow was happy to hear as he is driving from the midwest to LA in his pickup.

Several of us are planning to secure a swap space and set up camp. We all need a place to meet and what a better place than in the swap area or preferred parking. The excitement builds for the LARS which is a few weeks away. I hope you are planning on attending. Next year will be the 50th anniversary show which promises to be a real special event for those of us who have been attending for the last 30 years. You better book your rooms while you are here this year.

In addition to writing ads, I have been helping my friend, electrical Bob, prepare his sedan for paint. It seems the prep work required is very time consuming and expensive. I watched them block the guide coat today and Donnie pointed out the high and low spots on the roof that would require some more primer. I don’t have the patience for body work but I admire those who do. He has narrowed the color choice down to Washington Blue or Porsche Aquamarine Blue and has pint samples of each. Choosing a paint color can be the one of the hardest decisions you have to make during the construction process. The wrong choice can ruin your dream car plan. Painting a small piece is the smart way to see if you like it and that is what he is doing.

The Deuce sedan project has lots of interest from all over the world. I received some nice photos of a super chassis that would make a great foundation for the project. It seems that Deuce sedans are popular in the “Land Down Under” also. The first body that was shown on my last blog sold to the first person who viewed it as was the filled roof one. They are selling fast if priced right. I better go back out in the garage and accomplish something.

Stay Tooned!


Deuce sedans are popular in Austrailia and these two look great. The green one looks chopped. Two different styles, both are beautiful to me.

Under construction is another sedan hiboy style. I don’t know if there are plans for a haircut but it works for me as is. Real Halibrands are scarce today but nothing beats the look on this 70’s style Deuce.

I am sure this is the same car that I always feature which was built in the US a few years ago. Is it in Austrailia now? One of my favorite colors on a hiboy. If you have a larger photo I would like it. Thanks Greg for the photos. His blog can be seen @   He has a very similar site to Pewsplace.

Some of you love the fenders on your sedans. I still like the hiboy versions which is easy to do by removing the fenders and bumpers.

So you don’t get bored with sedans here are a couple of Deuce roadsters for you to think about for next month. June is Roadster month at Pewsplace. Believe it or not this one is advertised for $150K. Deuces sure are high priced these days.

Seabright Hot Rods just finished this well executed traditional roadster for one of their customers. It is not Washington Blue but a deeper blue which looks super. I will run those skinny radials on “Project Deuce”.


I have been saving this mint sedan floorpan for my “Project Deuce” for several years. The problem with the floor is that it hits most 9 inch rear ends right in the center. If I locate a body without a rear floor I will use a flat roadster floor.

Rods by Reid sent in a nice traditional chassis they build. The Dodge Red Ram really looks good in this chassis. The company is located in NZ. You can see why the stock floor will not work with this set up.

If we wanted a QC this set up by Dave Lane is really an excellent example of outstanding engineering and craftsmanship. Lots of $$$ in this set up.

Seabright also builds a well thought out traditional styled chassis. This is for the roadster shown above. Note the neat rear crossmenber for the QC.

 Today’s Deuce Chassis find.

My friend Dave has this one that I think we will use for our simple Deuce hiboy project. We will make only minor changes to the stock chassis upgrading where required. The choice was simple as it is very complee and includes all the good stuff.

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  1. Hi Lynn: Check out Todd’ s chassis again it is not a qc. However it is beautiful work. The boys at Seabright are masters. Love your blog and the generous personality that is shared. Thanks. Terry

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