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The cold mornings are not what I am used to but they do make you move right along on your morning walk. I call my friends and talk about the day’s activities and catch up on my email thanks to my iPhone. I received an interesting email photo of the Bell Auto Parts store from a reader and he was wanting to inquire about the owner of the Deuce Cabriolet shown in the picture. I quickly sent Don a message and he did not know the car but remembered reading it may have been a visitor who stopped by for a photo shot. This month’s Rodders Journal has a full story on Bell Auto Parts and the story contains some related information. Don, the current owner of a Deuce Cabriolet he purchased in 1972 was wondering if the car is the same one. His car has not been on the road since 1954 so it is a real history lesson in hot rods of the 50’s. The car is equipped with a dropped axle, 39 box, 40 rear end, Auburn dash and a Carson style top. We may never know if it is the same car but the research would be interesting. Perhaps Pat would have some information in his Lost Hot Rods II book.

I continue to show the cars of the GNRS as there were many very nice rides in attendance. I am also interesting in any technical articles that you may have. I love the how-to procedures and have notebooks on chassis, electrical, pluming, carburetors, painting and many other areas of building a hot rod. My building days are over but my mind loves to learn something new every day.

For those of you who asked…The Early Times Mid-Winter Rod Run is open to anyone who wants to start the year off right.

Stay Tooned!


This is a wonderful photo of an early Woody meet. I don’t know anything about the photo except Nick would probably be in competition with his old fleet of woodies.

Carl has a new ride and took this great photo up at Lake Arrowhead. The woody is flathead powered and cruises the hills with ease. I love the color.


Dave can detail a SBC better than most. This is the 327 for Poteet’s sedan delivery. If I replace Pepe’s engine mine will look like this (well almost). Gary and I like these style Chevrolet valve covers.

We always stop by Mr. Bob’s on the way to the show and look at his collection of early Fords. His new favorite is the pristine 46 convertible. I put my name on the car so he won’t forget me. That is Bob in the background waving.

Mike fired up the little Deuce coupe so we could all hear the hot flatty cackle without the exhaust system.

Ready for the inclement weather this 34 roadster had the side curtains installed for his drive out to Pomona.

The 33/4 delivery utilized a skin over a wood frame for the back door. My first delivery was a 34 and is still going strong today. The two-tone was a nice touch on this delivery by Brizio.

Here is the early photo of the cabriolet parked in front of Bell Auto Parts. See Rodders Journal story.

Sid did a fantastic job on the interior of the delivery. He keeps the theme of the car with a simple stock looking pattern with some wood accents in the rear storage area.

Readers Rides!

Here is the photo that Don if referring to in his quest for some information on the owner of the Cabriolet.

The Carson style top is still intact but has no tags attached to identify the installer. Someone must remember this car. Let me know if you have any information.

Here is the current condition of the Cabriolet. It appears the posts have been laid back. Add some skinny tires and put it back on the road.

The rumble seat, spare tire rack and pristine sheet metal make this one a keeper.

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