Wednesday’s Work

As you know, I have been searching for a 1940 Woody project for a couple of months and have found several worthy candidates. My friend Gary called and said he knew of one and would go take a look for me. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular but the car turned out to be very complete, but a huge project for an old man like me. I need counseling at my age and my friend George provided all I needed. Projects at age 72 may not be impossible but sure are challenging, expensive and time consuming. I will keep looking until the right deal comes along.

I spent the day working on the inner fender panels for Andre. They are in excellent shape and only required a couple of hours to put back in shape. I need to strip them now and put in primer. I have been thinking about having them powder coated, since painting is more expensive. The hood latch dilemma has been solved and I will pick up the new one tomorrow. That’s all I accomplished today on the car. I am spending too much time on the phone these days.

The weekend brings Kernville and the Dana Point Woody Show. We still have lots of activities to attend this year but the events are winding down. Now is the time to work on those projects in the garage. My friend Bob-O is plugging away on his 40 sedan and should have it on the road next week. Isn’t it wonderful to have something to do everyday that you love to do? I hope the flame continues for many years to come.

Stay Tooned!


Gary and George went to inspect this 40 standard woody for me. The car is a solid 100% complete project (less wood) and is not for the faint of heart or old dudes like me. Thanks Gary and George for looking. I know you enjoyed the trip. I will buy lunch next month.

Here is another one that is a done driver and priced at $85K which isn’t bad for a done woody in good times.

Here is another way to purchase a hot rod woody. Most of the work has been done on the wagon. I like the dark mahogony panels in the inserts.

Ted has just completed this jewel at Roy’s shop. Sid installed a very stunning green interior which looks great with the gray exterior.

Jeff Beck has finally built himself a sedan to add to his collection. He has been a long time customer of Roy’s and is a super nice guy. He purchased my 3 window in Memphis at the 2nd NSRA Nationals.

John is having Roy build his 27T track roadster to compete in the GNRS next year. This will be a top contender in the show with all the old stuff us old guys love. I can’t wait to see this one done. Roy deserve’s to win next year with this one.

Bob-O’s ride will look like this when he lowers the car to meet the pavement. I should settle for one of these.

The panel only needed a small tear welded and some hammer and dolly work on the front lower edge. Since I am using a dropped axle they do not need to be cut for the MII.


I decided to use the heat sink transmission cooler from Derale. This is the dual pass model and is 17 inches long with nice mounting brackets. I have used these on two cars and they work fine.

 Today’s Masterpiece!

My friend Tom started the build for Mariani’s new Bonneville car and Troy finished it. This is a true masterpiece and one the best in my mind. I know Dick agrees with me. Right!

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  2. Lynn, good choice to pass on that woody project. As we get older we sometimes have to be reminded that”the older I get the faster I was.” As always I continue to enjoy your Blog. Thanks, JIM

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