Wednesday’s Work

I am back in the groove after getting a tune up at Toppers yesterday. We had a great turnout and talked cars instead of politics. We have a special car show, “Cruising for a Cure,” on Saturday and a lot of our people are planning to attend. The event draws all types of cars and is for a wonderful cause. The fall season is here and we still have a lot of great events to drive to for the balance of the year.

I started working on Andre again and hope I don’t get burnt out on the project. I have days that I am really inspired and work all day without stopping and then I have days that I spend dreaming about a new project. (1940 Woody) I guess that is normal for hot rodders. We always seem to be thinking about a new project about half way through the current one. Some people have several projects going at one time and I wonder how they stay motivated. I really like one to drive and one to work on. That seems to work for me.

I took the rear end out today to finish welding the spring brackets and send it to the powder coater. I selected a 3:00 rear end ratio and it should work just fine with the 350 transmission. Curvy has a 700r4 and it works great but I am not going to modify the frame at this stage of the game. I need to stay focused on getting the chassis rolling so I can move it out to the back area and mount the body.

Thanks to all of you who stopped me and introduced yourself at the events this past weekend. I really appreciate all of your comments regarding my blog.

Stay Tooned


Gary sent me this photo and I recognized the garage. Do you? Note the delivery on the right.

Here is one for sale on the net. I would add steel wheels and fall in love again. The 40 deluxe wagon has to be one of Ford’s finest.

As I stated earlier, the shoebox woodies are really popular. I think the wood price and availability of these models make them very attractive. Frantic can redo the front suspension with a 1948 TCI kit and they work very well.

I watched this 33 being built at GMT many years ago. Geoff does perfect work and the owner has stuck it out and finished the sedan of his dreams.

I will always think this is the perfect rear photo of a Deuce hiboy roadster. Lobeck influenced gas tank louvers are not seen much today but I like them.

Tom drove his Washington Blue 33 to the show and the car really looks good. He has done a lot to improve the car and it shows.

I love hot rods and these two were my favorites. Chuck’s 4 door and the 3 window were both chopped and are the real deals with expert assembly.

I believe this coupe came from Phoenix originally and is now in the LA area. It has the look with the patina paint and all the right equipment. Very nice!

Phil and his group were early arrivals and picked the shade trees for the comfort and shade.

This old school hemi powered deuce sedan hiboy is at the picnic every year and I love it. This is your high school hot rod. The car is driven.

Today’s Perfect Pair!

Here are two nice rides exhibiting the classic build on the 70’s. Black with red wheels were the hot ticket then and they still are today.


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