Wednesday’s Work

My wife is out of town so I thought I would head over to IMS and pick up some more metal (my weekly  trip) and more supplies at the paint store. While I was in the paint store’ I stopped at Frantic’s shop and he Dave were hard at it in several projects. It seems like people are back spending money on their projects. This is a good sign for our economy and our sport. I helped the economy today also but buying some overpriced paint and reasonably priced steel. One thing about building a hot rod is you can always justify spending the money because you have to have it to finish the car. This car will be worth big bucks when done is what you tell the wife. This is why all widows ask big bucks for the cars in the garage after we are gone.

As we approach the holiday, I really start to think about June in LA which offers me and many others one of the best times of the year for viewing and driving our hot rods. Here are just a few of my favorites:

The Early Times Picnic at Compton Rod & Gun

The Road Kings at JCP

The LARS at Pomona

SO-CAL Speed Shop Open House

Forty Ford Day at La Palma Park

 I am ready for the big month and try very hard to stay healthy during the month in order to make all of them.

I have been busy putting the chassis back together and painting the small parts. I finally found the contrasting color for the chassis parts and it is called Cast Blast by Seymour Paints. I love the OEM look of the color. I hope to have it finished by the LARS but time will tell.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a photo of Kent Fuller’s new BV streamliner owned by Rick Gold. The car is flathead powered and the driver lies down with his feet sticking out to the nose of the car.

Here is the overall look at the finished product. You can barley see the driver window from the vantage point.

Now you can see where the driver sets and holds on for the ride of his life. George and Bob-O will be there to see him run in August.

I am not sure this isn’t the next space flight vehicle from NASA. I wonder how many hours and $$$ are in this build.

Lou has his CMG 40 coupe ready for the road after spending many hours fitting the hood. Forty lovers know the what a challenge it is to make them look this good. Nice ride Lou! Has it stopped snowing in ID?

When a Brookville reproduction coupe looks this good who could just walk on by? Bias tires make the look people are after today.

The NCRRA held their second Shake Down Run and you can see more on Thanks Dave for the photos.

I followed this build on the HAMB and loved the final product. This is a true high school hot rod with a flatty.

BV has another very, very nice Mandarin Maroon Opera coupe if you are looking for one. The Columbia makes it a real nice tour car. The car is completely stock.

Today’s Favorite!

My grandson has his first hot rod shirt. He loved it and wants a hiboy roadster soon. I better get started.

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