Wednesday’s Work

I had planned to paint parts today and the weatherman cooperated nicely. I had everything ready to paint and merely needed to set up my paint area in the backyard (my paint booth). I had not painted with my old Binks #7 for over a year so I figured I should try it prior to spraying the K36 high build primer.  That is when the problems started. I noticed that the primer was not spraying wet no matter when I did to the mixing. I added some thinner to the 5 to1 ratio and tried again. While it helped, I was not getting the spray texture I wanted so I quit and checked my pressure gauge and found that is was not working. I quickly went down to Harbor Freight and purchased a new one to finish the can. I was not gone long but the hardener was already kicking in and the suction tube was blocked. I sprayed some pure thinner and was back in business again. I finished the cup paint and quit for the day. Powder coating really is the way to go for this old guy but I haven’t given up as there is always tomorrow.

I hope to attend the LA Wood meet in San Pedro on Saturday and meet up with Walt. I like this event and they have a nice venue to display the woodies. See you there!

Stay Tooned!


I have been pushing Bob-O to buy the tub and make it like this one Fat Jack built. I think this is one of the best newer tubs that has been built recently.

If I could convince the “other half” that we need one of these I would pursue several that I know of. Mr. Forty, BC, built a real nice blue one with a 40 deluxe front end that wowed them a few years ago. You have the best of both worlds with one of these. Maybe my Facebook stock will take off on Friday.

Here is another way to go (less expensive) and all you need is a dropped axle to be cool.

I know these are everyone’s favorite but tell me which one would you prefer to drive for 500 miles in day? I know I am getting old and like the creature comforts and a smooth ride. These are Donut Shop cars. The car on the right has been driven across all states by his owner. Quite an accomplishment in my mind. Congratulations.

Just pull off the fenders of your old roadster and make it a hiboy. These cars are really popular today unless you have to drive it 500 miles.

Here is one you can drive 500 miles and be comfortable. Note the old (?) Halibrand small windows.

Alan has a couple of cars for sale that look interesting. This 36 Cab would make someone a nice driver for the summer.

How about a rare 36 sedan delivery? Very complete and just needs some TLC to make her a driver. Let me know and I will put you in touch.

Two items that I am adding to my chassis are the CE motor mounts and the front fender braces to replace the yoke.

The SBC in a 40 Ford is a natural and I think was an RPO from Ford.

Today’s Favorite

SAR can build some very nice high end cars and this convertible is one of them. Let’s ride in style to the LARS and have the kids drive the hiboy roadster.

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