Wednesday’s Work

The rain was heavy and the weatherman predicted it would be like this for a couple of days. I was planning on painting some parts but I I had to switch to installing some of the brackets on the frame. The decision I had to make was what type of bolts and washers I wanted to use. I like the button heads and SAE washers but was unsure about stainless, chrome or black cad. DMP has all three so I selected the black cad style and will coat them with a clear to prevent oxidation. I know it is a small detail but I like the bolts to be uniform and the appearance to look clean and not like and after thought. DMP has all the hardware you need to complete your build. On the way home I stopped and picked up a can of clear at the paint store and I should be ready to go tomorrow.

Dave thought Bakersfield was really good this year with 1900+ plus cars. He drove his patina Deuce pickup and wowed the crowds. It is amazing how the older unfinished cars really attract attention today. I think the reason is because we remember our youth and how hard it was to finish the car with shiny paint and slick upholstery. I am not a fan of the concept but I do like to look at them. Perhaps if the cost of paint and upholstery were lower more cars would be finished in the shiny style. When I was young, I loved the look of colored primer on a nice hot rod. Red Oxide was the look I loved best. A light blue tinted primer was my second choice. I guess the fad will continue until something new becomes the rage of the hot rod world…like cheap paint and upholstery.


Stay Tooned!


You can’t beat a 40 pickup with a nice stance. This 41 was cruising the fairground all day.

If you want a red 40 coupe with a super stance then this would be the one for you. Note the hubcaps.

A nice maroon SD was for sale on the main drag. He has had this car for sale for several years if it is the same owner. Some cars are for sale all the time.

It takes a real man to cut the top on a cherry 5 window.

My article on the stock chopped bows was just what Rudy needed to install one on his roadster. I much prefer this style over any of the other storage tops. Both have their advantages.

Looking at the bows and irons from the rear gives you a nice perspective of the final shape. I made the top from tape to see what it would like when covered. The second bow needs to lay almost flat.

Dave talked to a fellow from Highway 99 Street Rods who is building a one of a kind 40 convert. The owner started with a coupe and added a 46 top profile including rear windows. I can’t wait to see this one finished. Looks good in the photos.

This photo shows the difference between the washers used under the bolt to increase the clamp load and protect the paint.

Here is comparison between stainless and black coating using the two washers.

I choose the black on black look but would like to have the bolts and washers coated black. I am not sure how to go about his but intend to find out.

Here is another look. I used the cad plated washers under the black button heads. Decisions, decisions!

Today’s Favorite!

Tom’s, Brizio built roadster, is very different from the norm today. Heavy channel and filled wheel wells requires a second look.



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