Wednesday’s Work

I visited my friendly powder coater today and everything is on schedule to be completed this week. The rain delayed the shop for a few days but they are blasting away today. Bill was trying to keep cool in the 90 degree weather. I added a few more items to my list to be coated as it is less expensive than trying to have a few small parts done at one time. Adjax will work with you when you are in a bind.

I was doing some more welding yesterday when I noticed a small puddle of water near the welder. Upon close examination I discovered the pump seal is leaking and will need to be replaced. I quickly looked up the Radiator-1 cooling unit and located the seal number required. I have never taken the pump apart but I will do so tomorrow. Old welders are like old cars they need constant attention to function properly.

I looked at the photos from the LSR and it looks like they had a good turnout. Dave should be back this week and have some photos for me. It is just too long of a trip for these old bones. Dave is my high school buddy and never tires of driving his cars across the country. He is my idle.

Gary H corrected my photos of the very nice 38 sedan with the Kugel front suspension he is redoing for a customer and promises to send me some photos of the engine and sheet metal installation when he is finished. Sorry for the mix up but I know Keith also installs IFS in his shop. (Rex Rods – Flathead Ranch) Gary M had his woody chassis done by Keith a few years ago. I know I am an axle guy at heart but sometimes you have to realize that the IFS is very traditional to many hot rodder’s today.

I have a big day tomorrow repairing the welder. Watch for an update on Friday.

Stay Tooned!


Rich’s new Dearborn Deuce is looking good. It looks like paint is the next step for this beauty.

I love the 46 Super Deluxe gauges and now you can have the perfect ones for your ride. I ran across the website for these items and more. See

I hope you don’t need these for your rag but if you do start saving your money.

I am still a fan of the Deuce hiboy sedan. This is from the LSR event this past weekend. (HAMB photo). It looks a lot like the one in the Choppers club.

Boy! This is really me at the beach with the prom queen. She never liked the top down. This one has been for sale for a while and I don’t know why it doesn’t sell. What’s not to like about a 40 convertible?

A slightly chopped 5 window makes it way to the main street of Moorpark to seek a shady parking spot.

Bob-O and I were garage crawling a few weeks ago and ran across this beauty tucked away in the hills of LA. There are actually two 39 tubs in this garage. John is building his and using Bruce’s as a pattern. More later.

One of the first RPU’s built by Roy for a long time customer in Tahoe. I first saw this one at the SEMA show a few years ago. Super rake!

Walt owned this one for a short time and sold it to Ron who really made it a looker. Thirty-six deliveries are rear, especially this nice.

Today’s Favorite!

Even the 40 truck looks good in the CMG color. If they were just a little bigger I would have one.


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