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I spent the morning at IMS and Frantic Fred’s discussing my dolly project. IMS was busy but they had me in and on the road in less than 30 minutes. I stopped at Fred’s as he had mentioned that he was working on a new SAR 33 three window coupe. The car is a very high end street rod with a full Heidts suspension , front and rear. I didn’t have my camera but I will be sure to take some photos tomorrow. Fred always has some interesting cars in his shop. The trip home was quick and I started right to work on the dolly. Everything went well until I installed the non-swivel wheels. It seems I installed the mounting plate in the wrong direction. I called out my wife and she solved the problem by suggestion I leave them as built and rotate them 90 degrees. She is so smart. I should have designed them that way in the first place. I now have the length is fully adjustable for any length you need. The dolly project is getting carried away but I will never need to build another one. Now for that Deuce sedan hiboy I have been dreaming about.

Tonight is the first NHRA Twilight Cruise for 2012 but I am just too tired to make it.

Stay Tooned!


Bobby sent me some photos of his sedan “fresh off the Pew dolly”. WOW, he has come a long way in a short time with this one.

That is my old (new) Winters quick change hanging out the back. This will be a real hot rod folks. Note the neat fabricated rear floor on the left hand side of the car. Those skinny radials really look good to me.

My friend George has just received his Deuce Delivery back from the master metal man Jim Hendricks. The entire car has been metal finished and is flawless. Flathead powered with General Jumbo wheels.

The rear uses a kit from Doug to convert the primo sedan to a delivery. Just like Henry did it. The bumper has also been formed to duplicate the original style. A stainless tank will be painted to match the color of the body. Note the black plate.

Jim did a fantastic job on fitting the fenders and hood to the original chassis. Even the best metal men take lots of time to make them fit this good.

The car has the stance that makes the Deuce sedan my favorite of the early deliveries.

Here is the 34 sedan done in a restored fashion with flathead and mohair interior.

If you don’t want to spend $15-20K for an interior you can always use the Labaron-Bonney kit which really looks good to me.

See the For Sale section for this beauty. Famous Forty sedan is changing his theme.

 Today’s Favorite!

Bob was building this convert for a fellow in CO but I don’t know what happened to the final car. It sure looks good so far. CMG converts are my favorite. Time built one prior to this one that turned out great.

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  1. I was scanning looking for General Jumbo wheels. I have a set on a Deuce 3 window. Saw the delivery and the 40 green convert project. The 40 is mine and now is finished. I am the guy from Co.

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