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I have a lot of wonderful followers and many of them send me photos from time to time. Bob sent me a super sized package of the cars he likes and I will share some of them with you over the next week or so. Thanks Bob. The love of the hot rod is shared by many and I am sure Bob looks at his photos as much as I do. I always learn something new when looking at car photos. As you know, I love the construction photos the best as that is what I love to do most. The HAMB is the best source for some of the great craftsman out there today.  I love the people who do the work, photograph the process and share it with all of us who appreciate the building aspect of hot rods.

I am headed over the Fred’s this afternoon to see how the LS9 project is coming along. I am intrigued how they figure out all the required sensors and wires that make these engines perform. I am a graduate engineer by schooling but electricity was never one of my strong courses. I guess that is why I ended up in sales and marketing.

I stopped over at Bob’s place this morning and he is stripping his 40 sedan using a DA sander with 80 grit and the body is coming out very nice. He had his roadster sandblasted and they warped several panels so he deiced to do this one the hard way. We were discussing consumables required for doing the job and the cost of materials today. He estimates that he will have as much in doing the work himself as he would have if he had  it sandblasted or stripped. I guess we must realized that all aspects of building a hot rod, whether you do it yourself or have it done, can become expensive.

I am still a believer in doing what you can when it is within you ability and farming out the other stuff to a good competent shop. They need the business.

Stay Tooned!


A 34 sedan delivery makes a nice hot rod for traveling. They are a rare bird and cherished by delivery lovers like myself.

The rear doors were a simple skin over a wood frame which made repairs easy. Note the gas tank filler is in the rear as the tank was still in the stock location unlike a 40 Ford.

I would love to come upon this site while driving in my hot rod. The RB do the drive every year to B’ville and charm the highways across the U.S.

When they do arrive they push the Salt thing to the highest level possible. It must take weeks to clean these cars.

A very nice looking 34 was for sale someplace when this photo was taken. I know Don would love to have this one in his garage.

If you prefer black then this one should suit you just fine.

Here is a great photo of a resto Deuce Vicky in the classic maroon with black fenders.

How about a fantastic looking 36 roadster being shown in the Portland Roaster Show this year?

I think this is my new grandson, Syd’s, new ride in a few years. Nice work on this sedan.

Today’s Favorite!

I wonder if this is my old one? It is for sale on Fordbarn and looks good in the photos. Tim you need another convertible to do.

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