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I have been real busy this week finishing up the welding on Andre’s chassis and helping Bob repair his 37 Ford chassis which is rusty in several places. The repairs are easy if you can weld and cut metal patches. This all takes time but the end result is worth the effort. Today, when you have a hot rod with paperwork it is worth repairing the frame which is where the VIN is stamped on early Fords. It seems to be taking me forever to finish the welding but I can see the end in sight.

I received an email from Terry that Lucy, my old 33 roadster, is being scheduled for a feature in Rod and Custom. I am sure happy he finished the car as I just couldn’t get it done. I have had a couple of my 34’s featured in magazines over the years and it seemed nice that they would do a feature so quick after the car was completed.  He has had several of his builds featured in the hot rod publications in the past.

I still like the model 40 cars as well as I do Deuces. The biggest challenge with the 33/34’s is the front end sheet metal and the price of the grilles. Reproduction grilles are now available but are still hard to make fit to original sheet metal. The 40 Ford offers the same challenge when fitting the hood and fenders to the body. Old Fords can be stubborn, but then if it was easy, “everyone would have one”.

I better get back in the garage while the wife is out shopping.

Stay Tooned!


She looks good with the white top and black wheels. The windshield was a real tough job for the plater and glass man. The Wescott casting was rough inside and required a lot of work to make smooth. I don’t think I would do another one, although I love the look on a 33/34 roadster.

I like the view from the rear also. The tailpipes come out the way I like them on early style cars.

The interior looks comfy with the Glide seat and chrome 40 column. Note the use of chrome strips on the interior which is being used a lot these days. Lots of leg room in these cars.

Note the tire/wheel placement in relation to the fenders. I think this is what makes any car look great when the stance is perfect. I wouldn’t need to do anything to this one except drive it. See the HAMB Deuce Sedans.

I also love the tubs in the hiboy style. This Australian model looks ready for a trip from WA to the LARS this summer. He built a 33 hiboy roadster that got me started a few years ago.

As I me mentioned earlier, 4 door sedans are showing up everywhere I go.

I have not seen many roadsters built in this style since the 70’s. Note the Zenith wire wires and full on resto-rod look. Gary loves this style. All you need is the V8 sticker in the window. The car was maroon with black fenders and super high quality.

The one screams high school hot rod with a yellow flatty and no hood. See ebay…1940 Fords.

I would like to have another frame for the garage and if I could have this one that is set up for a 350 auto transmission it would be nice. Ionia Rod Shop builds these traditional style chassis. Lots of work required to make look this nice.

If I could shift one, I would go for this T-5 style of build. Henry would be proud of the build.

Getting back to my 40 build this is the way to do a nice floor is you have some pits and repairs. Tom used a spray on textured paint that looks like it was done at the factory. Note the Deuce in front of the 40. Everyone wants a 40 and a Deuce in their garage. Right!

Today’s Favorite!

My friend Bob-O is looking for a 39 convertible sedan that is running and driving or close. He prefers a chopped one but will consider all that is available.

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