Wednesday’s Work

I have been focused on working on Andre and it has paid off.  The front end is now completed and everything checks out fine.  I installed the last wishbone today and the Wilwood disc brake kit.  I have misplaced one of the bearing retainer washers but I should be able to pickup another one tomorrow.  As careful as I am with parts, I seem to loose or forget where I stored them.  Too many projects can cause havoc with the parts storage problem.  I label everything and store them in plain sight but somehow I always manage to loose a few items on each project.  I know when I am at the swap meets I often times purchase parts that I think I need and find out I already have them in inventory.  You can always use and extra set of parts for the hot rod.

I was also able to pickup the correct u-joint for the steering shaft this morning and I will tackle that problem tomorrow.  I need to purchase the right 40 wheel to make the final cut in the shaft but I am torn between the stock 17″ wheel and the smaller 16″ wheel offered by the Limeworks. Bob Drake, CW Moss, SO-CAL and Juliano all offer nice versions of the 40 wheel but I have not made up my mind as to which one to purchase. Ruby has the Juliano 15″ banjo wheel and it feels real good when driving with the power steering.  I have a 39 stock banjo wheel on the column now and it seems huge.  These are tough decisions for me.  I am leaning toward the 15″ wheel.

I stopped by Bob’s this morning and looked at his sedan body that is now mounted on the hot rod chassis.  It has a killer stance and he is really pumped about how nice the body fit.  Plans are to install the A/C, fit the fenders and hood, do the minimal body work and then blow it apart for paint.  When you start with a cherry body you save a lot of money on body work which at $85 hour adds up real quick.  He is still undecided about the color but that is always the hardest part of building a hot rod.  I will feature updates on the sedan from time to time as I am a sedan fan.

Stay Tooned!


Bob and Bob installed the sedan on the chassis last night and everything fit perfect. The doors open and shut with just a touch of the finger.

The floor pan does not have to be modified as everything clears even the power steering booster.  Bob wants a floor shift in his car.

The 235 x 70  tire fits without requiring modification to the inner fender panels.  Plenty of room using a 59 Ford SW 9 inch which is 57 1/2 inches wide.  That is a TCI rear spring kit which is a bolt on assembly.

The coupe is being moved to another location to make room for the sedan project. Primer spots are normal on hot rods when they are stalled for several years.  He would like to sell this to someone real soon as winter is not far away.

The wishbones are now installed correctly and will be sent out to be powder coated black.  I need to remove the center section next.  Tough job on your back.  Maybe I will wait until the body is off.

The shackles and shocks are installed without any binding.  Perch bolts are TCI units for the clean look.

I had this 39 banjo in the garage so I used it to mock up the steering shaft.  Note the gap with this wheel.  My friend Tom had an adapter made that closed the gap and looked great.  The banjo wheel is one of my favorite.

This real deal 33 was on the HAMB and I just had to show it to you.  Read the article on how Lance hammered the top without cutting the irons.  Nice ride and I like the fenders on it for a change.


Today’s Deuce Sedan….dreaming!

Gary built this one and it was in the LA area for awhile.  I have not seen the car recently so I am sure it has found a new home.  The 2 1/2 inch chop is perfect in my mind.

If you move the tail lights back on the frame it helps reduce the bulkiness of the gas tank hanging out.  I like it and want to purchase one for the 80th Deuce celebration next year.  Don’t forget to register online for the Petersen event.

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