Wednesday’s Work

I have been focused on Lucy this week and have accomplished a great deal. The weather, while hot, turned out to be great for allowing the paint to really flow out nicely.  I am not a painter, but have always painted most of my parts and only one car.  The wife was gone shopping so I had a free day to do the painting.  I had some paint left over in the gun so I thought I would paint a small portion on Andre’s rear panel to see how the Medium Cabernet Red paint would look.  I finished up by painting the transmission pan which was pretty scratched from dragging it across the floor many times.  I cleaned the gun and the painting area and was back in the house by 6:00 PM.

The wife came home and loved the deep maroon color on Andre which solidified the color choice.  Lucy will be black and Andre will be Medium Cabernet Red (maroon). Color choice is sometimes a real difficult task so I am happy to have that chore behind me.  Thanks Chip for getting the hardener for me as I would still be thinking about the paint choice rather than admiring it.

My number one son and his wife are coming home tomorrow and that means the wife will have me working around the house today.  I can dream some more tonight but I  need to accomplish some items on the “Queen’s List”.

Stay Tooned!


The pan is now very nicely painted and ready to re-install.  I also added all new black bolts.  You notice that my paint booth is outside.

I only scuffed the body with 150 sandpaper prior to shooting the color.  I think he will like the maroon which is almost stock looking.  Alan can select some nice vinyl for the interior and I will be riding in style.

Here is a soft tan coupe with TT.  Coupes look good in almost any color if done nicely.

Bruce had his nice Ardun powered three window at JCP a few years ago.  I love this car for its simplicity of style and overall hot rod look.

The late Dave Enmark did the engine work and it sure sounds healthy.  Note special manifold for blower.

Barry called me one night and asked if I knew anyone who wanted a very nice 46 rag.  Presto the car arrived in LA.

Note Bob and Sandy doing what retired car dealers do best.  Sit on the front porch with the latest for sale car on the point.  Bob received a gold star and a day off for selling his 40 coupe yesterday.  Good work Bob.

Ajax unloaded my frame right in my driveway ready to go back under Lucy.

Chris builds some really neat woodies and this tudor is one of them.  The wood is all hand selected Birds Eye Maple.

He also likes big blocks and this one looks good in the mono-chromatic scheme which was started by Boyd in the 80’s.

If you are looking at a 40 coupe and can’t tell if it was a 5 window business coupe or an opera coupe here is the secret.  The two upright braces are for and opera coupe.  The floor is also set back to accommodate the opera seats.  This is Steve’s old coupe which Bob has restored.

Today’s Woody…..from yesterday’s post.

Bill finished my old woody and his son now drives it to the events.  This car has some upgrades like a 283 and Lincoln brakes but is mostly stock and beautiful.  Some people do finish their dreams.

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