Wednesday’s Work

Gary in Kansas has a stable full of cars and is constantly looking for new ones. He sent along some pictures of a sedan delivery he is building. He can do it all and this car was made from two bodies that he had. I am amazed at his talent in piecing them together with such great results. I love chop tops and this one is going to be cool.

I spent the day working on the house so I did not get anything done on my cars. I hope to spend some time this month on the cars but it is not looking good so far. We got into a discussion this morning at the “Office” about buying project cars and finishing them. I could go into details but the consensus of the group was that it is much better to buy a done car than build one. You can buy one cheaper than you can build one. Enough said.

Christmas parties are in full force so I need to find some non-car T shirts to get into my Holiday attire. Maybe my SO-CAL hat and jacket would look good with levi’s.

Stay Tooned!


The chop is on a rake with 3 1/2 in the front and 3 in the rear. Has a nice slope to the side profile.

A new top was added that is cherry with the stock wood in excellent shape.

The rear panel is now gone and waiting for a new rear door. I don’t know if he is using one of McRae’s kits but they sure are nice. There is lots of work left to finish the rear but I know Gary can do it.

CMG coupes are the hot ticket today. I have seen many different shades of this popular color but I prefer the darker shades like this coupe going together at Bob’s.

I think Tim’s 40 convertible really starting me looking at this color. I still consider this one as my all time favorite. The new owner has both the convertible and a coupe to match.

The forty sedan can be a mild custom also. Note spotlights and flames on this nice sedan.

I purchased this one from Boyd in the 80’s (red paint era) and had a great time with my kids in this car. The car was built by Squeege in Arizona and had perfect paint and body panels.

I couldn’t resist this picture from the HAMB of a home brew QC. I would give the builder and A+ for his efforts. No small task to duplicate one of these units.

I finally settled on the GM 525 steering box with the 6 turn 22:1 ratio which should be like power steering in Andre. A simple P&J bracket was used to mount the box and it lined right up with the stock 40 column.

Today’s Roadster…dreaming!

I think this picture tells the story of how nice these cars can be. Most are restored like this one but with a hot flathead they make a real nice hot rod. I would chop it a couple of inches but don’t tell this owner.

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