Wednesday’s Work

The weatherman thought there might be rain so I have put all of my outside parts in the garage. I can hardly move but all parts are safe from the rain. We have rain so seldom that I forget about the parts that I store on the rear concrete patio. The wife reminds every so often that I need to get rid of the junk but I somehow still hold on to the parts. I think if I had twice the room I would have twice the junk. I have the doors loaded in the truck but have not taken them to the stripper due to the forecast. I don’t want to bring home fresh parts in the rain. Hopefully, tomorrow will be clear and I can run them over to L&M. I just hung up with Jim and thought that two days in the tank should clean them up real nice. I could have used the sandblaster for a much cheaper rate, but I didn’t think they could reach inside the door jams. I have had several doors stripped by L&M and they always do a good job.

My friend Bob had his parts painted over the weekend and they came out very nice and shiny. The painter used PPG Concept 9000 which is a single stage black paint that is known for its high gloss and no orange peel. I have not seen the parts but I plan to visit him tomorrow morning. I would love to paint the roadster black someday and have Alan install one of his camel interiors and black top. I am saving my money for this job but the house projects are robbing the account. Sound familiar!

As we head into the fall months, I start to think about a nice project that would carry me through the winter months. I received the new Street Rodder magazine today and found Brian’s editorial interesting. Deuces are special and while we have all seen every type imaginable most of us would still like to have one or two in our garages. He is asking for ideas about a new project and I am going to tell him to think about a nice 40 sedan for his staff to take to lunch on a daily basis. The staff needs to walk the talk.

Stay Tooned!


Some folks know how to make a 40 coupe sit just right. The HRG in MD has the build plan down pat. Note exhaust cut outs. We use to run them through the fenders….Ouch!

I was looking at Pinkees site and they offer a very unique front cross member for the spring under the x member. Eric’s builds are never the norm, he creates each design to suit his taste in a new generation chassis.

The spring over x member really takes some thought and ingenuity. He also likes Hemi’s.

Ruby was trying to hit on this high end owner for a quick trip around the block. Maybe next time she will make it happen.

John has all the cars but i really like his 33 flathead powered roadster. Roy built this one for him a few years ago. John loves the model 40.

This Deuce sedan is a reality check for me. Why do I like this style of car? I guess it takes me back to my youth when this is the way it was for me and a lot of my buddies.

Brian should consider this as his project for the staff lunch car. Lots of room and a smooth ride with a stock chassis.

This one is a little better and would serve my needs immediately. Maybe I would not have to chop it.

I have a nice 39 banjo stashed away in the Deuce sedan only pile. I would leave the stock dash opening and the woodgraining.

Today’s 40 coupe…in my backyard.

Bob O has the one to keep. Tom updated the paint and the car is now very straight and rust free.. I think it is slated for a very nice strong running flatmotor in the near future. Note the signature red wheels and Firestone bias tires. Folks, this is all you need to do to a 40 coupe to have a lasting hot rod that never goes out of style. Amen!

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