Wednesday’s Words

I stayed home today to work on the cars and so far I have one door jam stripped to bare metal. What a mess. I have covered the floor and am trying to be very neat but this job is messy no matter how careful you are. I hope to stick with it until about 5:00 pm and then call it a day. The last delivery I did took a month to complete inside and out, but I was limited to the weekends. This one should go faster.

While waiting for the stripper to work, I have been writing this post and running through the want ads. Hot Rod Hot Line, epay, Ford Barn and several other sites are still showing lots of nice cars for sale. Some of the higher priced Deuces and Forties have been for sale for over a year. In my business, turnover was everything and anything over 30 days got wholesaled. Maybe they are waiting for the right buyer. In general, if your car doesn’t sell you need to lower the price. Some sellers are just testing the market for the summer months but a year listing at a high price is a waste of money in my mind.

Not much is selling, but some cars are changing hands and many will wait until the LARS hoping to attract back East guys with deep pockets. Believe me they will be here this year looking for a bargain not a high priced West Coast car. I have seen some people pay big dollars for Deuce bodies that needed everything. Good luck to all sellers.

The LARS is the next big deal for me. I start thinking about all those roadsters and friends I will see during Roadster Week. I have heard from several people that they will be driving their car to LA this year. Times must be getting better and no one cares about gas prices anymore…we have accepted the increase and are getting on with our life. I plan to have a swap space with my friend Max and hope you will stop by and chat. If you have time take some vacation and spend a little time at the LA Roadster Show, you won’t regret the trip.

Stay Tooned!


Gary took the little women out for a Sunday drive and sent in this picture to prove it. The colors on this restoration are what make it special. Basically, a basket case that only the love for a Woody would enable him to put it back together again. Great job Gary.

Gary also has a nice Phaeton that he drives very seldom but keeps in his office so he can do a lot of dreaming.

Sometimes the boys need to gather and shoot the bull at Johnny Carson Park. Richard is a great guy and has a neat old roadster. I think he needs a quickchange to help the image and the bench racing.

Richard’s roadster is real so here is a seldom seen view of the tack strip on a 33/34 roadster. They did not have wood like a Deuce.

Bob has some nice cars and this sedan makes it to the Park a couple of times a year. The color is a 57 Porsche color not a Deuce color as many think.

Dave sent in some 40 coupes he likes. He has had a sedan in the works for some time, but is enjoying his Deuce 3 window to much to work on the sedan. I like the stance on this coupe.

Tom has a tough decision when he enters his home garage. Two 39’s, a convert and woody. I won’t tell you about his pole barn and the fleet of 34’s he has in various stages. I do believe it is a sickness retired GM people have.

Bruce has this nifty fifty styled 40 sedan sitting in his speed shop where Boyd made history. I wonder if it is still there?

Rumor has it this was Eddie’s last 40 interior. He was the best and this is one comfortable seat. I had a hard time not writing a check.

Today’s 40 sedan…dreaming!

This is how I saw Bruce’s sedan a few years ago. The car is really nice, 302, auto, IFS, 9 inch, etc. Lots of MOON stuff on the car and in the speed shop.

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