Wednesday’s Words — With A Heavy Heart

I am a person who always maintains a positive attitude and try very hard to instill that same thinking in others. I received a call on Sunday from a long time friend who informed me he had only a couple of days left before he joined his fellow Hot Rodder’s in the sky. I held my composure while talking to Steve, but later broke down with the news. It seems lately that some really wonderful friends of mine are leaving us way too soon. This includes many in our hobby. I know no one gets out of this world alive, but I would pray that they at least have a peaceful departure.

Lately, I have had far too much news come across my desk of people in our hobby that have moved on to higher ground. And, while I deal with that as best as I can, I seem to loose it when that person is very close to me. Jane tells me that it is O.K. and very natural for loved ones to express their concern over the loss. Steve was a friend since the 80’s and a Deuce and Forty Ford lover. He is best known for his flamed Forty sedan that was a clone of the Bob McCoy sedan. He drove it everywhere and had a nick name of Whitewall Steve. He also owned a nice black original Deuce roadster hiboy. He was a member of the Forties Limited of Orange County and contributed to our hobby in every way he could. Steve helped me organize our Back Road Boys and Central Coast Roadster Roundup in Solvang and Santa Barbara. The events turned out great and he really enjoyed attending with his buddies. He wasn’t able to make it this year but thought he would be well enough to make it in the fall. Of course, God had another plan for Steve.

I had been working with him over the last year to locate another roadster, but he became sick and house bound over the last few months. I know he will be driving his roadster when he settles down in his new home. I will miss him a great deal as we talked weekly about our favorite hobby — Hot Rods!

Steve, I know you will be watching over us and guiding us on our next adventure driving the “Back Roads” — you will be with us in our hearts.

Goodbye for Now!

Stay Tooned!



Steve knew a lot of people in our hobby and enjoyed talking to them. Here he is with Hot Rod’s famous photographer Randy Lorentzen.


Steve was a Go-Kart fan like Tom Medley and had the opportunity to snap this photo prior to Tom’s passing.


I first met Steve when I purchased this 40 sedan delivery from in the early 80’s — my first 1940 Ford.


I sold the delivery to Vick Edelbrock and Roy finished it as shown above in our 40 is 75 show at the GNRS.


Steve was in P-Town with his friends in 2014.


This was Steve’s favorite 40 sedan as it is mine.


Steve had another dream and that was to build a standard 40 coupe like Bob McCoy’s.


Dick Muntz purchased the coupe before Steve had the opportunity. He parked it next to Pepe in the show.


Here is Bob’s car in the line up for the GNRS 2015.


Brizio built but FG kept Steve from acting on this beautiful roadster. He even went up and drove the car. He was against a FG car for some reason.


We were walking around the LARS and he fell in love with the Chad Adams built roadster but it was also FG and he passed.


Prior to Lynn Williams death, his son had this Brookville beauty for sale, but Steve couldn’t accept the price — which was way up there —  but sold.

Rest in Peace Steve


“We will miss you my friend, but we will catch up with you on the other side!”



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