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I have been following the Speed Week trials at B’ville this week and my friend Tom has a couple of cars that made the mark and set records. Dennis also joined the ranks of the people who have run over 300 mph. He sat a new record at 309 mph. I can’t imagine what this must feel like but I think I would need doctor at the other end to make sure I was O.K. Congratulations to Dennis and Tom.

The weather is very hot again today so I came inside early to write the blog. I did go out for a while and looked at tires and as I suspected, white wall tires are not stocked at any of our local tire shops. I will have to order them from Coker in Fresno and have them shipped to my house. I cannot accomplish this by Saturday. I will be very careful until the new tires arrive. Americas Tire is friendly to car guys and I go there for all of my tire needs. They like to sell the BFG muscle car tires and have them in stock. I could mount the black walls tomorrow but after talking to Walt I am going to install the white walls on the woody when I return.

Stay Tooned!


Tom did all the work on this beauty. I really like the sleek design and overall appearance of the car. BBC and over 200mph!

Here is another Mariani car that set a record of over 200 mph this year. This has to be the best feeling in the world to watch the speedo go over 200 mph.

The crew looks to be very involved in the chassis and engine tuning of this black beauty. Someday!

Bobby was on hand with his famous tank. I did not see his run but will find out today about his progress. If you have not stopped by Old Crow’s shop in Burbank do yourself a favor and do so. This shop is a trip back in time and they are super nice folks.

Former SR feature car, this Dearborn Deuce looked fantastic as the tow car for the competitor.

Model 40 sedan are really nice rides. This stocker looks righteous to me. I love the color combination and wire wheels.

Maybe this was and early shot of the boys at B’ville. How about a chopped full fendered sedan?

My friend Steve is going to have to make sure his hood is sloped in the right direction (not up) when his new RPU arrives. Roy always lowers the front shell an inch to make sure this happens.

Tom did a nice job of doing his dash in his 46 convert. I really like the body color painted dash over the woodgrain. Gabe did the interior years ago. Bob owned this one for a while. I thought he would have kept this one for Sandy to drive.

Today’s Wheels and brakes…dreaming!

This photo represents today’s contemporary traditionalist style of brakes, Indy wheels and buggy spring all working together on Poteet’s RPU.

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