Wednesday’s Words

The current state of emergency (pandemic), with the coronavirus spreading worldwide, has caused some concern about large gatherings of people. As you know, our hobby is made up of large gatherings of people, most of whom are considered a risk.

I’m not one to panic but will avoid attending any events until the situation is considered under control. During this tumultuous period, our economy will suffer due to the pandemic. I’m not sure what NSRA and Goodguys will do considering their events but I’m sure they will take precautions.

Meanwhile, I’m staying at home and working on Blue. Blue has a new rear axle that is being readied for installation to prepare for the 350 transmission installation which requires an open driveline. The disassembly required some effort to remove the rear axles. Chip loaned me his slide hammer, but that didn’t budge the axle. I will add some heat next. Hot Rods always provide a challenge to make your day.

The big event in our area was the Havasu Deuce show in Havasu. A large turnout of Deuces plus great weather made the show. Please stay safe and wash your hands often.

Stau Tooned!


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