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The fall is a time of the year that brings out the corduroy pants and crew neck sweaters for me. The cooler weather is nice for a change and while we don’t have snow in our area, we do have cooler weather. Cool weather allows for more time in the garage. Working with the football games on and heater going makes for a very productive day.

Having the woody back home provides me with lots of ideas of how to make it more drivable. I have changed the tires and wheels to radials which made a huge difference in ride. My next change will be to add power steering to make it more drivable on the freeways and turning in a static position.

CPP has a power steering 400 series box that I am planning on installing this winter. Fred told me the large 17″ steering wheel will create an oversteer problem and that I should change to a 15″ wheel. I have the correct 46 steering wheel with the metal strips that I can have cut down that I may use.

My second trip home on the AAA rollback was due to a stuck float on the Rochester 2 Jet carburetor. I took it apart and did some cleaning and it seems to be working just fine. I am suspicious of the electric fuel pump as they don’t have a long life span so I may replace it with the stock pump. I plan to replace the stock transmission with a 350 for ease of driving on our vast freeway system and my arthritic hands and shoulders. I may also change to an open driveline to go with the transmission change.

The above changes should keep me busy over the winter months. What are your plans?

Stay Tooned!


The bowl was full of sediment  and the accelerator pump  had come loose.
This is the correct 46 steering wheel with the bands around the center bar. Dennis Crooks can reduce to 15″ and make it new again.
I will replace alternator with a black one and the engine will be done. Bill did it just like I planned to do it.
Steve and his son have Poppy back together  and standing tall. She went to a good home.
Boyd let me drive both of these Deuces and they were both just perfect in my mind. Dropped axles and nine inch rears.

I have good memories of these two cars. At my age, they are really comfortable to drive.
My heart is set on one of these for my last roadster project.

I like fenders also, but these cars are hard to locate like this.

SO-CAL built this one that I fell in love iwth many years ago.
My first sedan delivery 1968. 

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