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I finished up the new lower radiator hose for Pepe today. I have to cut a hose and turn the bottom 90 degrees to make it fit. This involved adding an inner aluminum tube and some additional clamps. I have never had to do this before but I couldn’t find anything that would fit as is.

After the installation, I tested for leaks and found a couple that require more attention. I don’t want the lower radiator hose to leak as that is the upside of the water intake to the engine. I will have to take it back off the engine, add some clamp load and maybe some Right Stuff.

I also have the fuel filters for both tanks apart for replacing the filter cartridge. No small job due to the location of the filters on the inner frame channel . I need to have them back together and the leak stopped before our next Tuesday’s tour.

I am featuring the Fat Girls (46-48 Fords) today and some Shoebox convertibles (49-51 Fords) I like these cars for their style and comfort in going down the highway .

Stay Tooned!


I have to stretch the hose over this 1-7/8 tube in order to make it fit the water pump inlet.
The final shape clears everything and fits good but leaks where it was joined.
The Shoebox Ford makes a great looking ride.
I prefer the 49 parking lights on the shoebox convertibles. Nice color on this one from MI.
Another 49 in black.
The master of Black did this beauty and would look good in my garage.
I had this Maize yellow one for a short while and like the rests-rod look. Walsh Restorations.
I owned two of these for a while and purchased another one later on.
Alan finished my last 48 using 46 trim. He also chopped it 2″ which is just perfect.
They look good with the top up or down. Jane was checking out Alan’s build!
originally out of Newport Beach this 46 had a built flatly with LZ gears in the transmission for easy hi way driving.
Stock springs and dropped axle with Super Bell disc brakes make it a good driver.
The dressed flatty performed flawlessly when I drove the car.
The original dash and woodgraining is still in place. Interior needed replaced but usable.
A running driving 46 was sold for $6500 on Craigslist. Rust free except rockers.

A different look for the Fat Girl is a frenched and painted front end.
The large trunk is great for overnight road trips.

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