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We completed our Back Road Boys last trip yesterday and a good time was had by all who attended. We journeyed to the beautiful town of Ojai, CA for a scenic journey and some great food and ice cream. The trip consumed most of the day for the group but it was all worth the effort. The weather was perfect, the rest stop with Jane Pew’s delicious Pumpkin muffins and cider made for a fun day. I purposely kept the trip to 10 cars and 20 people for the ease of restaurant reservations. The Cafe Emporium did an excellent job of accommodating all of us. We closed the day with some ice cream and headed home. Thanks to all who joined us yesterday. We look forward to next year.

The winter months will see Pewsplace working on his cars and building a new chassis on his frame jig. The chassis will be either a 34 or 40 based on original rails and crossmembers. I have both in inventory but no body for either chassis. I lean toward a phaeton and woody in my bucket list. Bodies are hard to come by that are affordable. I know of a Wescott 34 body that I sold a few years ago and the project is stalled. The Woodie cowl is alluding me, but 46-8 are readily available close by. Time will tell. I will be bringing the jig home in the next month.

The last quarter still is full of car events including Solvang, Pomona and Malibu Christmas Woodie parade. Enjoy your Hot Rod while you can.


Stay Tooned!


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Our first stop was Stekel Park where we enjoyed some Pumpkin muffins and Apple Cider. Thanks Jane Pew

We had a wonderful lunch at the Cafe Emporium.

Dave was showing off his 6 carbs on his roadster.

Jane wa bench racing with Dave and the boys.

Some of the Back Road Boys who went on the trip. Red shorts are my trademark shorts.

Pepe served as the place to get your muffins and cider.

Watch for updates on Dave’s latest 40 rag project. This car has been sitting in a garage for over 30 years.

Galpin Car Show Deuces.

A survivor was also on display. Love this one!

This hiboy has the Lobeck look I love.

My last 33 chassis turned out great without a Jig. The stepped rear X-member is not needed with the new Winters QC.

My next 33 project will be done in a frame jig to ensure it stays straight after welding.

The 40 chassis is about the same with the strong center X member.

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