Wednesday’s Words

The wife and I spent the day moving out the Deuce sedan chassis project and taking it all apart. I did not remember how much work I had put into the project and consequently have a lot of parts that go with the chassis. (yes, it did sell) I finally finished up about 6 pm and still have to make the jig/dolly stable for transporting. I should be able to accomplish that tomorrow morning.

We have stopped painting as my son and his wife are coming for the weekend. I am hoping he can help me move Andre over to the spot vacated by the sedan project. Sometimes we need to realize that we cannot accomplish all of our dreams in the time we have left. I have two projects left and hopefully someone will purchase the roadster soon and I can buy me a 40 that runs and drives.

Lets look at some cars!

Stay Tooned!


You don’t see a lot of 33 sedans but I like them for their good looks and 112 inch wheelbase. My late friend Joe had a very nice one and we used to go for cruises all the time. He would have liked the luggage rack on this one.

The head on view of a 33 is hard to beat on any model. I had never seen this car but it was flathead powered and a daily driver for some lucky hot rodder.

A green interior matched the exterior which utilized stock seating. The shift lever indicated a 5 speed.

Remember these in the 70’s. Dave found he needed more room in his 3 window for those long trips. Looks good.

I am sure it is my age and aching bones, but JJ’s Brizio built 39 would be all the car anyone would need. They don’t get much better than this one.

Louvers are for 40’s and this one had a hood full of them. I like the old style louvers rather than the newer skinny style. Scott can make it happen on your hood. He is very good at louvering hoods.

Another large style of louver on this hood. Simple pattern really stands out on this 39 sedan.

Gary builds a very nice Deuce starter project. This one is on epay for big bucks.

This photo is for Walt who recently traded away his big Buick for a couple of cars. Frantic was working on this big boy.

Today’s Roadster…dreaming!

Joe got it right in the 50’s and the car is a milestone today.

Pat did all the research on Joe’s car and built his own his way. This will be a milestone car for the next generation of rodders.

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