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I mentioned a little about finding a long-lost 40 convertible in my last blog and thought I would bring you up to date on the status of the find. My friend made an offer on the car and it did not meet the seller’s desire. This is so common with family cars that have been passed down from generation to generation. It seems the value to them is far greater than it is to someone who has the expense of restoring the project. The best way that I analyze a project, is to make a list of items and cost that it would take to make it meet my expectations. The owner on the other hand, has a figure in mind thinking the project has greater value not knowing what labor and parts cost to complete the restoration. Once you do the math, you soon realize that the project becomes was more expensive than you could sell it for. In some cases that may be O.K., but for most of us that is not how we like to buy project cars. His estimate was on the low side to me but he made the decision to pass based on the desired selling price of the owner.

This leads me to today’s Woodie project scenario. Finding a Woodie project and completing it to your standards, is way more expensive than buying a completed Woodie. Today’s parts and labor cost add up very quickly in any project you purchase. I have gone through this drill many times in the past and it is only getting worse in our area. Time is another factor, which when you’re in your golden years, becomes very important on a day-to-day basis. Your body is not as young as your mind is and they often don’t agree on what you are attempting to accomplish on any given day. Most of you know that already. I have always loved projects because I love to build cars, not buy them completed. Having a project has always been important to me and finishing them was never top priority. That has changed due to health restrictions and driving them is the most important aspect of owning a Hot Rod today. I like to build frames and will probably build a couple more but Pepe and Poppy provide Jane and I with lots of pleasure with our Back Road Boys group of fiends.

Rule # 1 — Always go look at a project but take no cash. Do the math prior to purchase and you will be much better off!

Rule #2 — Forget #1 and take cash if you really want it bad enough!


Stay Tooned!


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I love finding projects like these but reality sets in these days and I must pass for many reasons.

I have a good vision for what I like and sometimes forget the work it takes to make the vision a reality.

Starting here is a reality cost wise that becomes a money pit and very time-consuming.

My friend George found this Brizio built 40 close by him and completed the deal. He drove it home and made it his with some modifications.

Nick always had some projects that needed everything.

I do fine building the chassis but the wood is out of my league.


Even incomplete projects requiring wood replacement is beyond my talents.

I can handle the spraying of varnish and sanding but would still need some guidance.

I have looked at several of these projects over the years and while tempting always passed.

The bare Woodie interest me but the math does not.

At my age, this is the only project I would consider. Patina barn find, get it running and enjoy.

I love these projects that you drive while working on them. High School Hot Rods.

Stalled projects are often a good deal also.

Once you find the project then you need Roy to finish it for you.

Mine looked exactly like this one and I drove it for years just like this. My children loved to ride to the beach in the vert. Never had a top.


Buying a done one like this is much cheaper and has instant gratification. $35-38K

Still needs lots of TLC and $$$ but would make a nice car when completed.

My friend Andy bought this project and realized that to finish the car would be way more than a completed one.

!940 Ford Trucks are hot right now and command big money even in this state.

My old sedan was a fun project that actually was finished by the new owner.

The true “No Frills” Hot Rods are some of my favorites.

Chuck’s project would make a killer hiboy but Deuce roadsters are in the high supply/low demand model right now.

Tami’s convert will make a nice car for someone and I hope she finds a buyer who puts it back together correctly.


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