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We are ┬ábracing for the largest storm of the year and pray for no evacuations in our area. We need the rain but not the damage it does in some areas. Tuesday’s are the Back Road Boys luncheons and we discuss the upcoming events and cars among other topics. I took a photo of Dale Grau’s Deuce Phaeton for all to discuss. Dave, who drives a 34 Phaeton and happy to drive it today could speak with authority on Tubs as we call them.

We all know Tubs are windy going down the road and have limited leg room unless you set the seat back a few inches but for some that’s alright. Dave let me sit in his, which is stock, to see it I would fit. I didn’t fit without being cramped. He then told me of his friend who had his seat moved back to accommodate his large structure. It is the black one showed below. Since I’m talking a Hot Rod, modifying them is easy for me as I don’t mind modifying to suit my taste and body. I don’t know if I would ever own one again, but I do like them and their looks.

The weekend brings the HB Beach Cruiser event which is always a lot of fun except if we get rained out. We have a fully packed schedule for the spring and summer this year with events being held each weekend. I hope to have both Poppy and Pepe ready for the road.


Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image

This is a local car and is a real 33 Phaeton with a 2″ chop and dropped axle. The owner had the seat set back a few inches and I fit in the car easily. A stock one is too close for me at 6’1″.

Today, I sat in Dave’s 34 with stock seating and I didn’t fit very well. Moving the seat back in the 32-36 is a must for anyone 6′ tall. Not a difficult job but knowledge is required.

This little roadster popped up on the HAMB and I immediately knew it was Chucky’s from CSR. The new owner has too many projects and is selling it. This is a very well-built roadster and very well detailed.

Chip added the top frame-work and a custom dash insert. The top will need to skinned. I presume a hardtop or maybe a cloth style could be added.

Ken certainly has the talent to build amazing Deuces.

Five windows always seem to look good as hiboys.

A rare Vicky shows up and with those wheels has to be Alloway built! Perfection as usual.

Lil’ liked all white roadsters. I do too!

For me, this is the only look for a hiboy roadster. QC’s really do look good hanging out the rear.

I have a friend building a 34 hiboy coupe and likes this style.

I prefer the 33 grille and hood but both look good.

His is FG and will probably look like this one which he had one like it in High School.

Don’t pass on a four-door. This example deserves a second look.

The 36 roadster has become very popular lately.

The 40 coupe is the most popular of the 40 Fords and always looks great.

Due to the age of Hot Rodder’s the sedan is real popular and reasonable to purchase in our area.

JR took a stock sedan and put his touch to the places that required his expertise and came up with this winner.

I like this look on a hiboy Deuce.

I don’t know whose garage this is but it is full of Deuces. One lucky Dude!

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