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Tuesday has always been our lunch day for the Boys! We sometimes move to a different restaurant each week and sometimes stay at one place for several months. We seem to have experienced a meltdown in places to go to lunch. Lunches now average $15-20 with a drink so we expect good food and service. While the purpose of the weekly luncheon meeting is not to judge food, we always comment if we should come back next week. Lately, we haven’t been to satisfied with our choices.

The same goes for our choices in Hot Rods. Deuces and Forties dominate our collections but we have been thinking and moving in a different direction lately with thoughts of selling some of the longtime possessions and moving into a newer style Hot Rod. For example, Robert has jumped into a very cherry, patina Plymouth station wagon. David has a beautiful 61 Olds convertible which makes a great date night car. Dave has purchased a 51 Chevrolet cream puff and is in the process of upgraded it for his driving pleasure. Bob-O purchased a 49 Cadillac and I have moved the other direction back to my roots with a Deuce roadster. I have talked about the changing demographics and the movement of the younger crowd but it also applies to the older generation (70+). I’m stuck in the pre-48 world and will stay there for now which is why a Deuce roadster is like a dream come true.

Poppy was part of my work life in the late 80’s and left a very wonderful impression on me while working with Boyd. Boyd let me drive the car several times and I was hooked. He was good about loaning you something he knew you would like. Walt, also let me drive the car when he owned it the first time. I relate that experience to one of your first loves in life. Somehow, they don’t go away and seem to linger for years as a wonderful memory. That wonderful memory has become a realty and Poppy is happy to be back at Pewsplace for some fine tuning and lots of love. I plan to show some of the upgrades in future blogs. Thanks Walt and Boyd for your generosity. Jane and I are very grateful to both of you.

Stay Tooned!



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Scott sent along a picture and explanation of the Tub I featured on Monday’s site. I have always like the conversion ever since Boyd built the Kolmos Tub. Lot s metal work but the end result is worth it too me. Thanks Scott and the whole crew at Adams Hot Rods! I love your Deuces!

I have been watching this Tub going together at Richards over the past couple of year. Metalwork in very nice.

New rolled quarter and door tops combined with the roadster cowl make it look like factory.

The rolled tops have been welding and are undetectable inside or out. Perfection by JEBS!

Boyd built the chassis and I found the roadster cowl and sedan back in a junkyard in the 80’s. Boyd shortened the sedan doors to the Tom Taylor design but I never made it that far with this project. I gave into a Wescott roadster which was acceptable in those days.

These two were my favorite Deuces in the 80-90’s. Sharon and Bob drove them everywhere and were trend setters. I’m still impressed with them today and miss Bob and his humor. Both cars had been influenced by Lil’John Buttera and Fat Jack who built Sharon’s.


Somewhere in WI this masterpiece is going together for our viewing.

Gene has a nice Phaeton for sale.

The top of class is Paul’s Phaeton with tons of pre-war accessories he is famous for.

Here is another sedan version of a tudor Tub with a Duvall windshield.

The top is now black and looks great.

The Deuce Guy has multiples of Phaetons in his collection.

Gary put this one together in the 80’s, sold it, bought it back and still owns it today.

The late Tom McMullen built a couple of Tubs with some wild color schemes.

Great photo of a Hot Rodder and his Tub!

Lokar’s Tub really is a fine example of the Resto – Rod look of the 70’s.

Jim keeps cool in his Tub while cruising the fairgrounds.

Craig captured this Tub at Bill’s place over the weekend.

I do love the Tubs both 2 and 4 door versions as long as you set the front seat back 3″.

The one Brookville should have built in my mind.

Here is one I traded a 40 convert for. Steve built it for his LAR car.

Poppy is not a Tub but has the seat that fits my old body, rides comfortable, is very low and Jane loves the car.

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