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We have a weekly luncheon at the Hook in our town which is a relatively new burger establishment. We rotate from restaurant to restaurant as the places seem to change after a while. We have been going to the Hook for about 6 months and so far it seems to be perfect for our group. Today, Dave drove his 40 convertible which I proceeded to view while eating my lunch. Dave is my high school buddy and a real car guy with a fleet of nice cars. He has roadsters, phaetons and convertibles but seems to prefer driving his 40 most of the time. It is one of those cars that you never grow tired of. It has the “cool” look we all like. I have owned a couple of 40 convertibles and always enjoyed them with the top up or down. Dave’s is chopped 4″ which is a little much for my height, but it sure looks great done in all black. I have to really think about starting another car at my age but I can dream without remorse.

There seems to be a plethora of 40 convertibles on the market right now and priced lower than I have seem them in a long time. Even projects can be had for under $20K but a done one is much cheaper than a builder. If you have a 40 convert project or completed 40 conveHot Rod send me some photos and I will do a blog on them.




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Dave and his friend drove their Black Forties to the Hook today and were standing tall.

Here is a better profile of Dave’s 40 convertible. Old school build with dropped axle, 350/350, nine inch on parallel leafs.

In contrast to the above 40 a more stock appearing convertible is also a popular style.

If you like your 40 convertibles with a lower profile and custom look then this should work for you.

This beautiful delivery has been around a long time and is about as nice of one that you could find.

I think many people are turning to the 29 on Deuce rails for something a little different from a Deuce. The Hallock windshield is popular on the 28-9 roadster.

In bare metal shows you the clean lines of this classic set-up.

Two smiling faces after months of hard work the roadster is ready for the trip.

Pete looks right at home in his old roadster.

Greg also likes the 29 but likes his 32 for more leg room.

Phil’s roadster with the Duvall really has the look for a Deuce hiboy. The car is green not black as many have thought.

Cory has his very clean 5-window on the road. He has become a very accomplished builder of the early style HOT ROD!

Don built this one years ago and I saw it at the Petersen for the 75th celebration.

Some people just know how a hiboy sedan should look and sound — right Brock!

Matt did some serious driving to the LSRU this past weekend. I noticed it is on eBay now.

The shoebox rag continues to show up at shows today. Super nice cruisers!

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