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I was restless last night knowing that I had found a 46 convertible that has been stored away for several years. I dreamed about how it would look when I actually had the opportunity to see it in person. I left the house before dawn, as I knew the journey would be hectic with morning rush hour traffic. The two hour trip gave me time to think about whether at 75 years old, I could still finish another convertible. It seems the fire in the belly is still there but the body has a different opinion of my intentions. I arrived early and stopped at Mac’s for a cup of coffee and a little soul searching about the car. As you know, I really like 46-8 convertibles and have owned three of them in the past. This lust doesn’t diminish with age, if fact, it has become stronger than ever.

I arrived at the site of the car and was greeted by a nice man about my age, who has many projects going, but doesn’t want to finish this one anytime soon. I was guided into the crowded garage and immediately saw the shiny black firewall of the convert. The car is completely apart with parts stored everywhere you looked. I looked over the sheet metal and it was pristine with George’s super paint still glowing after all these years. I spent considerable time asking questions about all the unique convertible parts and was assured they were all there. I thanked the man for his time and headed back home for our Tuesday luncheon at Hooks. The trip was hectic so I had plenty of time to dream about this great project. I was so focused on the car that I drove right by the exit and headed up the I – 5 freeway. I soon realized that I was headed the wrong direction so I turned around and made it to Hooks on time.

My friends heard my tale, looked at the photos and agreed with me. The investment in this project, plus the cost of assembly, would far exceed the market value. I don’t mind loosing some money on a car but I don’t like to start in the hole. The journey continues not knowing where it will take me, because LA is a big city with lots of garages to explore. Who knows, I may locate the perfect project the next time.

Stay Tooned!



click on photo for a larger image


I keep coming back to the model 40 Phaetons. A true classic!


Same theme but a different look with the wires.


A nice basket case 40 coupe has come on the market and has lots of California history. See For Sale Section.


I went garage crawling today and found this 46 convert in a million pieces but very nice sheet metal. Very tempting for me!


This is the look I like for the 46 convertible.


Another example of a later style with bags.


For you collectors, how about this Ford Clock that my SAE brother, Charlie, has from his father’s dealership way back in the 30-40’s.


I don’t often feature non-Fords but this Chevy delivery is very nice.


I am not sure if this a Boyd built/Poor Boys Garage of someone else’s but I sure do like ti.


Garage crawls that turn up projects like this often are vey expensive to bring back to original for. Well worth the $$$ for many collectors.


Dale has lots of Deuces and plans to let this be his winter project. These motors are new to me!!!


Les is touring some great garages while on his visit from Australia. The 39 convert is stunning.


Another garage crawl find is this 40 convertible. What is a man to do!!


Nice 34 for sale on ebay!


Thom did a great story for Hot Rod on Cory’s Deuce. Two greats in our hobby!

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