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As mentioned many times in the past, I truly enjoy the bare metal build features that people send me. Seeing a Hot Rod in the construction stage is almost better for me than the painted beauty going down the road. The amount of talent required to build a Hot Rod from the ground up is significant and time consuming. Custom fitting each panel to fit perfect and making sure it does not comprise the overall design theme is very tedious work and doesn’t come without some trial and error pieces. Ryan Reed, of Reed’s Rides and Design, is one of the builders who has the eye and the talent to produce award winning creations. He has been working on my friend’s 1940 Ford Woody for quite some time but the end result is truly outstanding. This should be one of the premier Woodies built in the last few years. Starting with a bare hulk and replacing most of the sheet metal, building a new chassis and perfecting the “Reed Stance” has resulting in what is shown below. The paint and wood installation is next and I promise to bring you updates as they occur. To me, the 1940 Woody is the star of Woodies. Thanks Ryan for the updates.

I have another friend, Steve, who is building a Deuce Woodie from Hercules and again requiring some extra time to custom fit each panel to the wood and chassis. The end results of these two projects will be winners for the owners who guided the builder to achieve the results they were looking for.

NSRA is holding their West Coast show in Bakersfield this weekend and should be a good show as usual. I am not attending but have several friends who are. Photos will be available on Monday.

The next “Back Road Boys” venture will be May 17, 2016 and will be our standard trip to Summerland and the Santa Barbara Pier for some ice cream. Lots of fun for all! Show up at the Shell Station @9:00 am if you plan to attend.

Stay Tooned!




Ryan has Jim’s Woody floor almost finished and the seat mounted.


The firewall was hand formed to fit around the “Boss” engine.


Lots of work and skill required to fit the firewall to the cowl and make it look good.


The interior of the firewall shows the tight fit and beading around the peripheral.


The feet had to be custom made to fit the new firewall.


Ryan is ready to use his bead roller to make the floor look good and increase the strength. He is a master of his craft.


The end result will be a stunning creation by Reed’s Rides & Design

IMG_0812 IMG_0807

Cecil has finished the shell for Steve’s new Deuce Woodie and Steve will finish the balance of the build. The entire Woodie is built in house.


Not quite in bare metal but in progress is this Deuce Phaeton.


I have never seen so many Phaeton’s being built since the 80’s. I am glad to see them again.


The start of a project is always a nice photo for Pewsplace especially since it is a 33 sedan delivery.


I have purchased many in this condition. You can see the metal without the bondo.


Henry can build them with a great stance also.


I almost think with the body shop jail time you just need to clear coat the project and start driving.

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