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I started working on the rear ladder bars today and needed some 7/8 x .156 DOM tubing. I headed over to IMS and searched the bins but they don’t carry that size. I told the lady that they should carry that size because it is used by most builders for radius rods, ladder bars, tie rods and drag links. She said they have never had a request for that size. She told me most people use the 1 x .120 for those items. I wasn’t convinced so I will search elsewhere tomorrow. A 5/8×18 tap goes in the 7/8 tubing and makes a nice tight thread. I know someone in the Valley must stock that size but I haven’t found them so far. I did pick up some more plate for the master cylinder mount and final boxing. I had to hurry back to meet the boys at Hooks for our Tuesday lunch.

I have a few artist concepts included in today’s blog as I think it’s and excellent idea to keep you and your builder on track with the build. I never have been in that class but I usually find a car I like and copy it with some personal touches. An artist can take your ideas and give you two or three concepts that you can work with. Several noted artist are available but I always loved the work that Thom Taylor did and am using one his sketches for my current roadster build.

With all the attention given to Deuces, I am hoping to attract some more builders to the Model 40 Ford. There have been a few AMBR winners in the past and I think that speaks highly for the 1933 and 1934 Ford roadsters.

Have a good week!


Stay Tooned!




Sometimes an artist concept of your dream really helps you with build. You don’t mix and match different period parts when you follow the concept.


A close copy of the above sketch.


If you can’t afford an artist then Rodger’s beautiful 34 would be a example to follow.


Rodger ventured out in the ice cold winter to shoot these magnificent photos. Side curtains look perfect for this shot!


Chris has inspired me to stick with the model 40 roadster with his beauty. Top construction is in this month’s SR.


Ray has been driving this Brizio chassis/Gibbon body/R&C cover car for several years. He even hit a deer and did some serious damage to the car. He had it in Havazu.


A young man poses with his 34 roadster in period correct attire.


The 33 is my favorite of the fendered roadsters. This example belongs in my garage.


Don has the eye to build my favorite 33 hiboy roadster.


A concept Speed 33 would look good in my garage also. Eric Brockmeyer design.


I used this concept by Thom and added the Duvall windshield to my last 33 roadster. I am copying it exactly for my current project.


Sometimes the ladies can be a big help when working on the Hot Rod.


Here are couple of Deuces that have too many doors and that is the way I like’m!


When you want to move up to a super highway driver then the 1940 Ford convertible is hard to beat.


I understand this is a car that is under construction and was a Jimmy Smith concept.


My dad loved Oldsmobiles because they were fast. When I saw this one on FB, I instantly thought of him. He would have approved.


I laid out the 1′ tubing but didn’t like the bulkiness of the tubing.

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