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I have not talked about front I beam springs lately but feel I need to discuss the mono leaf versus the multi leaf springs that are being used on hot rods today. I have used mono leafs in the last four cars I have built and never had a problem. In fact, I have one installed under my roadster with a CE axle. I even installed them in my 48 sedan delivery and convertible without any problems. As far as I know they are still going strong.

Bob O called this morning and asked if I had a stock 40 spring he could use. I told him I thought I had a few in stock. He explained that his mono leaf front spring had broken near the bolt hole on his 40 pickup. I had purchased this set up through Magnum Axle and was installing the unit in my 40 coupe. I sold the coupe and another Bob sold Bob O the axle and spring. I doubt that there is a 1000 miles on the whole set up so it is definitely the fault of the spring. I called my friend Tom and he told me he had heard of them breaking also. I sure don’t want one of these units breaking on my 40 so I will call Fred at Magnum tomorrow and ask if they know of the problem. I have read on the HAMB about breaking springs but never saw one in person. I am going to go pick up the spring tomorrow and have it tested to see what the problem was, if possible. I love the looks of the simple spring and would like to see if this in a rare case or the norm for these springs…

Stay Tooned!


George knows I like sedans so he shot a few for me to enjoy. I believe this was the GG’s Street Rod of the Year a few years ago. Nice Hemi under the hood.

A Victoria is hiding in George’s garage waiting its turn for restoration. He states it will be a all modern chassis with an LS3 engine and overdrive transmission for more trips to Canada.

I would have loved to look this one over. Black resto rods are O.K. in my book. I even like the kidney beans.

Gary purchased this more door from Kugel and drove it to Canada. I bet this baby rides smooth on the Kugel fully independent chassis. Lombard blue with brown interior make this car a standout. Nice job!

Henry’s three window coupe is a crowd favorite and seems to command the top dollar for the real deal. It would be hard to beat this basic black with red wire wheels.

Deuces were parked everywhere in Victoria. This line up has a nice black sedan that caught me eye. Halibrand wheels look good.

The scenery in Victoria is second to none. Deuces and a few other types parked for everyone to enjoy the sites.

Victoria is on the water so it is only appropriate that a woody be pictured with a woody owner. Tom owns a very nice woody but not this one. Someday I am going to have another 47-48 Woody…Bucket List!

This medium cabernet red tudor really gets around. I first saw this car in Indiana a few years ago. A local man purchased it and resold it to a new owner. I would chop it and it would be perfect.

Today’s roadsters….dreaming!

This row of roadsters would make any Deuce lover drool. I like the flat head powered one. Hood straps are way cool.

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