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Working on our first “Back Road Boys” trip to Ojai in a couple of weeks. Lots of planning must be done for these trips to ensure all goes smoothly. We will travel the back roads which have green mountains this time of year and end up at Deer Lodge for a scrumptious luncheon and a cold one. We have about 12 cars so far which is just about right for the journey. Keeping these guys motivated to continue driving their Hot Rods is one of my main purposes in retirement. We all must keep active and not let “the flame” go out. So far all are still on track to continue our journey in 2016.

Now that the GNRS is over it is time to go back in the garage and work on Pepe for the many journeys planned over the summer months. The front end needs aligned as the right front tire is wearing on the outer edge. I have never had a IFS aligned with all the sheet metal installed. I am sure the alignment shop will have to be special to adjust those rod ends and expensive. At least they don’t have to bend the old I-beam axle. Everything else seems to be working properly and the paint touch up will have to wait for warmer weather. If we didn’t have a Hot Rod to work on what we do with our extra money…buy another project.

Looking forward to the Super Bowl and the Broncos winning.

Stay Tooned!




A nice sedan has been for sale in our area for quite a long time and other than the price, I don’t know why it hasn’t sold.


The car has a Cornhusker chassis fully detailed with chrome accents along with bias tires to give it the period look. If my pockets were deeper I would consider this one.


Ryan put his magic on Joe’s beautiful Deuce tudor and the end result turned out great.


The Suede Palace had this nice Deuce five-window on display complete with Buick nailhead engine.


The cost of building a nice flathead will exceed a crate motor by several hundred dollars.


By far the most popular engine in Hot Rods is a SBC such as the one in the SO-CAL roadster shown above.


The LS Series of GM engines are very popular with today’s builders of both early and late model builds. They can be dressed up or left stock with coil packs shown. This engine was in a Camaro.


In one building, I walked in the front door and my memory flashed back to 1960. The license plate said it all— NCRS NOT!


Brookville had their display of bodies which, when finished, are hard to tell from original to the average spectator. The dash insert was looking good.


Find an original chassis and install a Brookville body and you will fit right in with the traditional crowd. These cars are not inexpensive to build but are real popular.


Larry has a few cars in his lot but his roadster is my favorite. Lyons hubcaps?


Brizio employee, Jim Vickery is shown here receiving a nice award for his lengthy service to the National Woodie Club. He is at all of the Western meets as the Director. Super nice guy with lots of talent.


The Rodder’s Journal had this nice bare metal Chevrolet on display. The car featured an Ionia Rod Shop chassis.


The entrance to the Deer Lodge indicates it is my kind of Saloon….1932!

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