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I admire those who have a collection of their favorite Hot Rods and wonder how they keep up with the maintenance and storage of all of them. I know of several Deuce collections that are always up to par and driven as often as possible. I would think you would need a lot boy to keep them clean and a good mechanic to keep them running. My friend Bob has a multi-car collection and keeps a mechanic busy doing the routine mechanical work. He does all the cleaning along with his wife. He also maintains a huge sign collection in the same building. All of these items must be cleaned regularly as they are valuable pieces of art. Housing the collections presents another problem. You need more than a four car garage to keep you babies in. Yes, you need a thirty by forty  or larger building that is heated to make sure the cars stay in perfect climate during their hibernation. Separated garages are ok but require more work to keep up than the cars themselves. Storage room can become a big problem for those who keep purchasing Hot Rods. The solution for many is to sell off the ones they are tired of and make room for some new rides.

Thinning the herd is not hard to do unless you are expecting great appreciation of your possessions. If you have owned some of your cars for several years then you will realize some capital gains. On the other hand, the sale of recent purchases may actually result in a loss. The market has certainly taken hit in the past few years. Fiberglass cars that were once the lively hood of our hobby have depreciated significantly. Woodies, to a certain extent, have come down by 25-30% over the past few years. Market decline is the result of lower demand due to various reasons. One main reason is the cost of restoration is very expensive and time consuming. People seeking to purchase a woody shy away due to the six figures quoted by many sources — they simply can’t afford the investment. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many people with high disposable income that can handle the number. But these folks are also smart enough to take advantage of the decline in the market and buy one done for much less. If you follow transaction prices versus asking prices you will see the trend line going downward. In conclusion, if you are lucky enough to run across someone thinning out his/her herd you may be able to make a purchase for a good price.

If you run across a Model 40 roadster you don’t want let me know!


Stay Tooned!





Frank has owned more cars than most and really likes coupes with or without fenders.


Here is his collection of coupes that he had stored in his back “40” over the past few years. He is partial to Deuces, Model 40’s and Forties. He drives them all.


John has a large collection of mostly Deuces and built buildings to house them.


Dale has a large collection of Deuces also and houses them in climate controlled building.


Tim has some beautiful well maintained Deuces in his collection. He is fortunate enough to have a very large garage to keep them safe.

davewest 001

Dave has a large collection and had to transport all of them to TX. Now that is a BIG job!


Bob has added on to his 7 car garage to make room for his collection of cars and signs.


These two are long gone and replaced with Deuces. It is a disease that attacks all of us Hot Rodders.


Bob also likes Woodies and has these two beauties at his disposal.


Lance has owned this one for many years and has added a top and fenders to give it a different look. I like it!


The show car season is in full swing and this 33 was looking good at the Cincinnati show.


It appears to have a slightly chopped roof and lots of detail to make it a winner.


Here is an older build from Fat Jack that is now for sale. The price is on the high side for the age of the car but is still probably less than he has invested.


This beautiful 1946 Ford Woody was six-figure build and due to the market drop was sold for less than the owner’s cost. I do love the 46-48 Ford Woodies.


Walt and I looked at this beautiful Woody that was being offered for less than the build cost due to the owner relocating across country. Chris Messano wood really makes a difference when purchasing a Woody. The car is undergoing a few modifications getting ready for the summer months.


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