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I came down with a little cold today and didn’t get to work on my chassis. Instead I did some reading and cleaning out the bookshelf of age old books that I will never use. I will donate them to the library rather than throw them away. I have done this twice in the last few years. I had boxes of magazines from the 60’s to the current issues and never read them for years. Times have changed — with the internet you can find most anything you need to — quickly. I now have some space for some more car parts in the garage.

As we approach the holiday season, we all need to be thankful for advancement of our hobby to a full blown industry with a plethora of manufactures and specialty shops to serve our needs. No longer do we need to use salvage yard parts to build our Hot Rods. We can purchase high quality parts and have them in a day or two. At my age, that is important to me as crawling around salvage yards is something I no longer can do. Safety is much more of a concern today than it was in my early days. I guess my background as an engineer in the automotive field has made me conscious of poorly constructed Hot Rods. There is no reason to have a vehicle that is unsafe. Using old Ford parts is still popular and expensive but proper use will keep the vehicle safe for driving in today’s traffic. No one should build a marginal vehicle for use on the streets.

Have a good day!

Stay Tooned!





Lou has quite a 40 coupe with a blown flathead mill and was featured in the March 1955 Car Craft magazine.

555 365

The interior looks the same as does the exterior. Hard to believe they are still around in the original shape.


Some collections are really worth visiting like this one. We visited this spot last year with the Early Times and was very impressed with the layout and cars. Phil sent in some photos of his roadster club visit this year. Quite a collection!


Each set of cars are placed in front of a display depicting the era or activity of the cars.


A complete soda shop was purchased and reinstalled in the massive warehouse. Wanna dance?


Nice little 5-window going together at HRD — Love the color!


The engine selection is something you don’t see everyday.


If you are looking for something to do over the holidays why don’t you visit the new Petersen Museum which opens December 5, 2015.


Peter has his own floor of his special cars. Should be interesting to see what it looks like after the renovation.


It is always nice to see a 40 ragtop sitting in a place like this. Look at the floor — just like my garage! LOL


A young man built him a roadster and drove it on the PRC. Lots of nice parts on this one.


Deuce phaetons are rare but there were three of them on this particular day at the PRC.

Today’s Phaetons


Bob Drake’s old phaeton still looks like new.


Paul showed up in his perfect Deuce Phaeton. Note that big smile!

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