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I spent the day cutting the last notches in the X-member for the 34 chassis. I have learned a lot about tubing and how to make it fit together with angled cuts and straight cuts. I did a lot of reading and did some test samples prior to cutting the expensive tubing, but they all came out as planned. I had to really think about the angle cuts prior to turning the tubing in the correct position and in the same plane. My advice is practice on junk tubing first. I even made a short piece with both straight and angled cuts to slide in the ends to make sure I had the correct orientation. Tubing between the parallel tubes is really difficult to fit perfect….the welding starts tomorrow.

Our last event for the year will be the Malibu Christmas Parade on December 13. This is the twelfth year for the event and each year it keeps getting larger and full of fun for the Holidays. The party at the end with live music really puts you in the Christmas spirit. Jane and I look forward to the event each year and we don’t own a Woody.

Start your Christmas shopping early and avoid the rush. I am hoping Santa knows where I live and drops off that Speed 33 body for my chassis.

Stay Tooned!



Here is a nice photo of my old 3-window which is now owned by Jim in the next town up the coast. The car has been passed around many times over the last 30 years but still looks good.

Lynn 32 1983 1

Here is how it looked when I lived in MN. My son and I were driving in the snow. The bottom photo is in 1984 in Laguna prior to selling it to Boyd. The car original came from the Tommy Foster collection in Detroit.


Steadfast knows how to make their rides sit very low and still be able to be driven. Henry likes fenders now.


I know everyone loves the Deuce axle but the 34 dropped like this one is also a very nice axle and something different. Greg Haynes at Anson Dropped Axles does a super job of dropping axles. I will be using one of these on my chassis.


I have all the tubing installed and notched but I still need to finish the boxing plates prior to welding them in place. Lots of work but also lots of fun. I never have enough clamps.

GoodGuys Gazzette Pick 2013-02

I really like this plain 34 sedan with the Real Wheels. Hard to beat for good looks and comfort going down the road.

GoodGuys Gazzette Pick 2013-01

I could be talked into a sedan over a roadster at my age.


Long time friend Joe, built this roadster in his garage and left it to Louie to drive when he left us. Louie drives it everywhere and captures some fantastic photos. Joe would be proud Louie.


A rare Cabriolet in the Hot Rod world but very attractive with roll up windows and fold down top.


Danny has a nice Deuce pickup for his Shop hauling.


Scott likes to hang with the planes and see how he compares to the big boys.


The year of the 5-window continues with some really nice ones showing up at events across the country.

Wagon Wednesday


The 37 holds it own in the Woody World. Mark has a perfect one.

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