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Traveling with your friends to a nice lunch spot is a lot of fun, especially if you make a day of it. I receive several photos per month of various groups driving their cars for a day trip to some exotic location. I am happy to see I am not the only one who enjoys driving their cars rather than sitting static at some show. There is a time and place for shows, but driving the back roads is just so much more fun. We have one more trip this year and then a rest period to get ready for  the 2016 season. Call your friends and have one last trip this year, even if it just a short scenic distance to your favorite restaurant.

Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family and friends will take up most of your time the rest of the year. And the cars will probably see little use in most parts of the country. Many of you will think about a new car for 2016 or maybe selling/trading yours and trying something different. I know the later models are very tempting and by far the most popular today, so don’t wait too long to put that old Ford on the market — if that is your intent. The aging Hot Rodder population will be around for a few more years but not likely to move up to a newer model but still feel their old Ford is still priceless. A quick look at the classified advertisements will tell you the prices are really much lower than a few years ago. The good news is that if you have owned the car for a long time your investment is safe. If you just had one built you will probably not be able to recover your cost. As I had stated many times before, we think nothing of losing 50% or more over a three year period on our new cars, but expect our Hot Rods to appreciate or be worth what we have invested. In most cases those days are gone. Take for example my neighbor, who spent $50K+ on a Deuce hiboy roadster (steel) a few years ago and can’t attract any buyers at $35K. The demand has diminished and times are changing…just saying!

Enjoy your year end road trip!

Stay Tooned!


Half Dome

Looking over the windshield provides a very scenic photo of the great northwest. Note how green this area is compared to our California Mountains.


Howard and his partner are bundled up like it’s cold out side. The Deuce roadster looks cozy for today’s ride to the Ahawanhnee Hotel for lunch.

after lunch

After lunch they were ready to head back home —round trip was 320 miles of paradise.


Tom has a nice choice of rides when he wants to take a ride with his friends for lunch. Looks like he has some red hiboy visitors today.


Fellow GM employee, Gene finished up his retirement project. He did an excellent job  of building this 40 sedan to go with his 32 Chevrolet roadster.


You can’t beat a 40 sedan for comfort and going down the road. Gene stuck with a dropped axle in his ride.


Alan likes Model-A’s and has this one For Sale on his Flying-A Motor Sales site.


I love seeing this stage of the build process. I would follow this one to see the QC peeking out from under the rear.


The car is now orange and beautiful but seeing it in this stage really shows the builder had the “Eye” for a Hot Rod.


I haven’t shown Henry’s Deuce sedan for a long time but it is still my favorite sedan of all time.


A rare 36 Phaeton is shown here parked at our lunch spot. Bob-O built this one years ago and sold it to his son-in-law.


Early R&P interior fits the build style perfectly.


The chopped Carson style top looks good on this early build style Phaeton.

On the Road


The Central Coast Roadsters are regulars for a quick road trip to some exotic place for lunch and a garage tour.

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